The arrival of black and Asian families from London has made Swanley fertile territory for the BNP, says Jerome Taylor

Two years ago there were very few black faces in the congregation,” said a church official yesterday, speaking on condition on anonymity. “Now there is a much more ethnically mixed crowd. Personally I think that’s a fantastic thing but it’s no secret that some people are upset about that.” For Lesley Dyall, the former Labour councillor whose resignation last November sparked this election, that underlying current of racial tension was all too clear to see when locals headed to the heavily policed polling booth just off St Mary’s Road.・・・・

Lynn Taylor, who was out shopping in Aldi with her two children, made no attempt to hide the fact that the Government’s apparently “soft” treatment of immigrants was what made her vote for Mr Golding. “I was on the list for six years before I got a house and yet the council round here will happily give accommodation to foreigners all the time,” she said.・・・・

All of which is little consolation for people like 53-year-old John Leon, one of Swanley’s black residents that many BNP voters appeared to show a dislike for. He spent most of his life in Greenwich but moved out to Swanley because he wanted to get away from the higher crime rates in the capital. Yesterday he woke up in a town that had voted BNP. “I’m absolutely shocked and very unhappy about it,” he said. “This town is a really welcoming place, I never even thought there were any racial tensions and I’ve never had any problems. It make you wonder where else they might win.”


Immigrants, supporters score victory against racist LAPD
By all accounts, the march was peaceful—that is, until the cops began their coordinated attack on the participants. Soon after thousands of marchers arrived at the park, a police motorcade forced its way into a large circle of people who were enjoying the Aztec Dancers perform an Indigenous ceremony in Alvarado St. near the southeast corner of the park. The cops violently pushed numerous people to the ground, including Aztec Dancers and children.




Government regulations prevent agents from detaining people unless there is a reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country illegally. They also require agents to advise detainees of their rights if they are being arrested without a warrant.

According to the decision, the agents violated both rules, which the judge said were designed to protect Perez Cruz's right "to be free from an illegal detention, arrest and interrogation."

Perez Cruz said that during the raid, agents handcuffed him and asked him several questions, including where he was from and his date of birth. He said in court papers that had he known his answers could be used to deport him, he wouldn't have given any response.

Judge blocks man's deportation, citing his mistreatment after arrest
A federal judge has ruled that an undocumented worker was mistreated during his arrest by immigration agents, so he cannot be deported - a ruling that attorneys say may extend to dozens of other illegal immigrants arrested in the same raid.
(Perez Cruz) states he was held in a cold concrete cell overnight and forced to sleep on the concrete flooring," the ruling said. "He was also deprived of food and drinking water for approximately 18 hours.
"Under these conditions, ICE agents questioned (him) without informing him of the reasons for his arrest or that his statements could be used against him in removal proceedings."

Tabaddor, who is a former attorney with the Office of Immigration Litigation at the Department of Justice, ruled ICE agents violated Perez Cruz's rights and the agency's own policy by detaining him without having prior evidence that he was in the country illegally

"I was mistreated. Everybody there was mistreated," Perez Cruz said through a translator. "Like criminals. Like animals. They treated us unjustly."






The Prime Minister issued an emergency decree at a cabinet meeting Friday in response to a series of rapes blamed mostly on foreigners.

The rapes in the last weeks have shocked Italy. Two Romanians were arrested for the rape of a 14-year-old girl on Valentine's Day.

The newly approved government package, which must be approved by parliament, increases jail sentences for rape, gives free legal counsel to victims of sexual violence and makes stalking a crime.