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12 November 2009

PM to 'tighten' migration rules

Addressing the wider immigration debate, Mr Brown added: "I have never agreed with the lazy elitism that dismisses immigration as an issue, or portrays anyone who has concerns about immigration as a racist. Immigration is not an issue for fringe parties nor a taboo subject.

It is a question at the heart of our politics, a question about what it means to be British; about the values we hold dear and the responsibilities we expect of those coming into our country; about how we secure the skills we need to compete in the global economy; about how we preserve and strengthen our communities."

"But people want to be assured that newcomers will accept the responsibilities as well as the rights that come with living here - obeying the law, speaking English, and making a contribution."

It aims to organise legal immigration based on a state's needs and ability to welcome people, and combat illegal immigration, ensuring that foreigners who do not have papers are removed.

EU nations would base legal immigration on workers or professionals whose skills are tailored to their particular labour needs, favouring those who would stay in their countries long term.

Britain's population to hit 70 million by 2029
The population of Britain is set to increase at its fastest rate in at least a century, driven by an immigrant 'baby boom'.

Published: 10:16AM BST 21 Oct 2009

Peter Madden, chief executive of Forum for the Future, said: "Population growth will put greater pressure on our public services and increase competition for housing.
"Protecting our environment and meeting climate change targets will become even harder. And unless it is handled properly, social cohesion will suffer," he said.
"These projections are a wake-up call for politicians. They must start planning now to manage population growth in a way which benefits people and the environment and which respects our obligations to the international community."

Immigration to drive up Britain's population to 70million within 20 years
Last updated at 3:46 PM on 21st October 2009

New Census will quiz immigrants on how long they plan to stay
Immigration will account for two thirds of population growth in the UK over the next quarter of a century, according to official figures released today.

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In a crackdown on crime by foreign immigrants in the UK, almost 2,600 drug smugglers, people traffickers and fraudsters have been prosecuted in a joint initiative by Britain’s newly created law enforcement agency, United Kingdom Border Agency, government agencies and police teams since April 2008.

In addition 5,400 foreign national prisoners were deported and over 67,000 people were removed or voluntarily departed.

UKBA Immigration Crime Teams, numbering 300 police officers countrywide, have been concentrating on the identification and disruption of organized immigration crime, including human trafficking, fraud and forgery and have so far managed to seize over US$ one million in assets.

“When people come to live in the UK they enter into a deal: to work hard and play by the rules to earn their right to stay. Those who choose to commit crimes break that deal and must be removed," Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas asserted in a report.

The UKBA Immigration Crime Teams, in collaboration with the Police, the Serious Organized Crime Agency and the UK Human Trafficking Agency, is creating a hostile environment for organized criminals who prey on vulnerable immigrants and taking action against law breakers by using joint strategies and tactics, including hubs for shared intelligence gathering, surveillance techniques and forensic support.

Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police and ACPO lead for immigration Grahame Maxwell stated: “Immigration is a key concern to the community and the work carried out through the joint UK Border Agency and Police partnerships has sent a clear message to those foreign criminals who think they can flout our immigration laws - if you are committing a crime you will be caught and you will be removed from the UK.

Crime by foreigners doubles in five years
Crime committed in the UK by foreign nationals has doubled in just five years, police figures have revealed.

By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent
Published: 9:00PM GMT 07 Mar 2009(telegraph)

Records disclosed by 10 police forces reveal a 120 per cent rise in the number of non-Britons arrested, charged or convicted of offences between 2003 and 2008.
And figures from 20 forces, covering more than half the population of England and Wales, show that foreigners committed or were accused of more than 70,000 offences last year – pointing to a nationwide total of well over 100,000 offences if all 43 forces had provided figures.

The figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, will renew public debate over immigration, border controls and the deportation of convicted foreign criminals at the end of their jail sentences, the issue which cost Charles Clarke his job as Home Secretary.
The steep rise in crime committed by foreigners comes despite an overall fall in the number of crimes recorded by police during the five-year period

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OUTRAGE: Police struggle to cope with immigrant crimewave

Monday January 28,2008
By Nick Fagge

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POLICE are struggling to cope with a wave of violent crime caused by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, one of Britain’s senior officers has warned.

Armed police to permanently patrol Britain's streets
Martin Bentham, Home Affairs Editor

In an unprecedented move for British policing a team of 18 constables armed with sub-machineguns, led by an inspector and two sergeants, will operate permanently in 塗otspots in Brixton, Haringey and Tottenham.

The officers, from the Met's Specialist Firearm Command SO19, will patrol estates and streets to prevent shootings and stabbings.

The move, which follows a 30 per cent surge in gun crime in London this year, will be the first time in Britain that armed officers have been put on permanent patrol.

We are shockingly complacent about locking up 2,000 children a year
The plight of the children of asylum seekers represents a sadly unexceptional failure of public conscience

Henry Porter
The Observer, Sunday 18 October 2009

ust because we have got into the habit of ignoring something that is wrong doesn't mean it becomes right. At the end of this dreadful parliament, Tom Paine's observation has many applications but none that should compel us more than the 2,000 children who are detained by the UK Border Agency each year, often for far longer than the controversial 42-days that the government proposed to hold terrorist suspects without charge.

Philip Johnston
Philip Johnston has been with the Daily Telegraph for 20 years. He is currently assistant editor and leader writer and was previously home affairs editor and chief political correspondent.

Immigration and crime: the real results

By Philip Johnston Politics Last updated: April 16th, 2008

The Guardian reports that the study puts paid to the myth of a ‘migrant crime wave’, though few had actually said we were in the grip of such a phenomenon.
The main complaint of some police chiefs and council leaders is that the rise in the population caused by a high and unexpected surge of immigrants from eastern Europe has led to more crime in some areas and different types of offending.
The study, by the Association of Chief Police Officers, does not appear to challenge either of these assertions.
What it found was that the crime rate among immigrant workers from eastern Europe was no different from that among the indigenous population, which is a different point.
The overall number of crimes may well have gone up in some areas, such as Cambridgeshire (or not fallen as fast) where there are a large number of seasonal workers; but not the rate of crimes in proportion to the population.

1 May 2007, 15:42 GMT 16:42 UK

Violent immigrants fuelling crime

Half of gangs identified by police are African-Caribbean
Young immigrants from violent and war-torn countries are fuelling mayhem and murder on London's street

Immigrants 'behind crime wave' - police
Claim by Britain's most senior officer sparks new asylum row

Kamal Ahmed, political editor
The Observer, Sunday 18 May 2003
09.48 BST
Article history
The row over Britain's asylum policies took a new twist last night when Britain's most senior police officer claimed mass immigration has created a 'whole new range of crimes' threatening to overwhelm towns and cities across the country.
In comments which will spark a debate about whether genuine asylum seekers are being used as a cover for criminal gangs, Chris Fox, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), said the mass movement of people around the world had brought new levels of organised crime, with drug dealing, gun offences, prostitution and kidnapping.

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UK Police Report Says Immigration Crime Wave is a Myth

British daily The Guardian claims that a new police association study has concluded that immigrants from Eastern Europe entering the UK have not caused a rise in crime.

The report’s conclusions fly in the face of popular beliefs which often make British headlines linking new migrants to crime. The figures show that new immigrants from Eastern Europe commit crimes on par with their native counterparts.

A senior source with inside knowledge of the report told the Guardian “People are saying crime is rising because of this influx. Given 1 million people have come in, that doesn't make sense as crime is significantly down."

UK border Agency

Report an illegal immigrant or other offence
If you know someone is breaking immigration laws, for example by being in the United Kingdom illegally or by employing an illegal immigrant, you can email us to give us information about it. We may not be able to acknowledge your email but we will pass it on to the local immigration team in the appropriate part of the country. Where appropriate, they will investigate and take action.

Immigrant crime fear airbrushed from Government report
Warnings of links between mass immigration and crime were removed from a key Home Office report amid fears they would be used by critics, it has emerged.

By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor
Published: 4:36PM GMT 27 Oct 2009


By Tom Whitehead
Thursday April 17,2008(Daily Eepress)

IMMIGRATION from Eastern Europe has led to a huge surge in crime, police chiefs will tell the Home Secretary today.
The hundreds of thousands of migrants who have flocked to Britain in recent years have had a significant impact on communities and have placed fresh demands on policing, a review has found.

Pressure on police resources has soared while a lack of criminal intelligence from Poland and its neighbours has left the UK vulnerable to criminal gangs.

The damning report will be presented to Jacqui Smith in a key meeting, at which many chief constables will demand extra funds to cope with the effects of Labour’s open-door policy.

Police debate immigrants and crime
Friday, October 5, 2007(Metro co uk)

Police are holding a conference on immigrants and crime
A one-day conference on immigrants, crime and police is being held in Manchester, after police chiefs voiced concerns over the impact of immigrants on crime.

New arrivals to the UK have been blamed by some senior officers for a rise in drink-driving and knife crime.

More than 35 forces across the UK will be attending the event, hosted by Greater Manchester Police, to discuss the impact of recent immigration on policing in the UK.

Foreign drivers have recently been blamed for a rise in drink-driving accidents by Chief Inspector Rick Dowell, head of Dorset Police's traffic unit.

Immigrants to the UK have the same attitude to drink-driving as the British 20 years ago, he said.

UK cops combating alien crime gangs
October 5, 9:32 AMLaw Enforcement ExaminerJim Kouri

Nearly 2,600 drug smugglers, people traffickers and fraudsters have been prosecuted by new joint United Kingdom Border Agency and police teams since April 2008, Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas stated in a report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

More foreign people arrested in UK

[28th January 2008](crime stopper uk)

In some areas of the UK, the number of foreign people being arrested has more than doubled in the last few years. In the space of one year, arrests of foreign people for drink-driving offences has increased 17 times.

It has been suggested that police are under-resourced and have been unable to deal with the large increase of the UK population due to migrants.

Channel 4 News Online surveyed police forces across the UK. Every force that provided information had experienced an increase in foreign arrestees. The Metropolitan Police alone experienced an increase of 21,398 to 43,789 foriegn arrestees between 2003 and 2006.

Foreigners 'commit fifth of crime in London'

By Tom Harper and Ben Leapman
Published: 12:01AM BST 23 Sep 2007(Telegraph)

More than one crime in five in London is now committed by a foreign national, raising fresh fears over the impact of immigration.

Poles, who have entered Britain in record numbers since they joined the European Union in 2004, committed 2,310 crimes in the first six months of this year to become the most prolific offenders.
Romanians, whose country became part of the EU in January, committed more than 1,000 offences — an eightfold rise on the same period in 2006, according to Metropolitan Police figures for solved crimes

Criticism of the Government's immigration policy intensified last week when Julie Spence, the Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire, revealed how the steady flow of Eastern European migrants with "different standards" was placing a huge strain on her rural police force.
Last night, other police chiefs backed Mrs Spence's comments.

Using misleading crime stats to make readers frightened of foreigners
Posted by 5cc

August 31st, 2009


One out of every five killers is an immigrant
One in six rapes committed by foreign attackers, shock police figures reveal

Foreigners carry out one in every five killings in Britain, police figures reveal



Nomura sued for s?x and race discrimination

November 8th, 2009 by James


Lawsuit Accuses NYPD of Race, Sex Discrimination
Ex-Cop says she was ousted for having kids
Updated 10:00 AM EST, Wed, Oct 21, 2009

A former city cop slapped the NYPD and one of its captains with a sex and race discrimination lawsuit, alleging they blocked her from promotions because she had kids.
Tamara Golston-Green, 36, filed the suit in Queens Supreme Court on Monday, alleging that her former boss, Capt. John Denesopolis pushed her out of the force by assigning her an overnight shift while she had two young children, the Daily News reported.
"I just don't like women because they have babies," Denesopolis once told Golston-Green, the lawsuit alleges.
Golston-Green, who was an NYPD sergeant when she left the force in 2006, says she worked for seven years without problems before being assigned to Denesopolis.
"Going to work was a nightmare which caused her to have panic attacks and be very emotional driving there," her attorney Anthony Ofodile wrote in the lawsuit. "The torture just got worse."
Golston-Green left law-enforcement and New York after just two years under Denesopolis. The Queens Village woman moved to Texas where she now works for an airline company.
"He was the one," she said, referring to her former NYPD boss, "who made it impossible for my dream to continue."
City lawyers didn't comment because they said they have not reviewed the lawsuit yet.

Apple sued for sex, race, size discrimination
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By Tony Smith • Get more from this author

Ex-Apple employee Shaune Patterson has alleged the Mac maker discriminated against her because of her race, her size and her sexual orientation.

In a complaint filed with the US District Court of Northern California some time ago but amended on 16 May, Patterson claims Apple suspended her for a month and then fired her after she complained that white-skinned colleagues received bigger wage packets than she did even though they were in less elevated positions.

The hat-trick of discrimination Patterson alleges Apple inflicted upon her centres on claims of racial prejudice which, she maintains, was the reason behind the different salaries and her subsequent termination.

To that she adds the claim that an Apple manager wrote a memo describing her as a "rather obese-sized black lesbian".

November 2, 2009
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Two area employers face sexual harassment lawsuits
The Supreme Court’s same-sex precedent for harassment came from a N.O. case
by Ben Myers

Boh Bros. is accused of firing Kerry Woods in early 2007 after he complained to co-workers and superiors that a superintendent harassed him while working on the Interstate 10 Twin Span repair and maintenance project. The superintendent allegedly subjected Woods to “unwelcome verbal and physical sexual taunting, innuendo and sexual advances.” The allegations include the superintendent “feigning having anal sex” with Woods and urging Woods to look at the superintendent’s penis.

An EEOC trial attorney declined to elaborate on whether the alleged harassment occurred in the presence of other workers, if other workers experienced similar harassment and whether the superintendent personally ordered Woods’ transfer and firing.
Boh Bros. spokeswoman Ann Barks said she could not comment on pending litigation but forwarded a written statement that said the company would act “swiftly and appropriately” if it finds misconduct.
Milton Berry, owner of school bus provider Berry Services, is accused of firing Lakisha Baker in February 2007 the day after she refused Berry’s order to call him to discuss having sex. Baker alleges that Berry propositioned and touched her inappropriately on her first day of work in November 2006. The alleged harassment continued daily, including Berry’s offer of a promotion or salary increase in exchange for oral sex.
“Ms. Baker stated that on one occasion Mr. Berry pulled her pants down and tried to touch her,” the complaint states.
At least three female employees of Berry Services claim to have experienced sexual harassment from 2003-07, said Michelle Butler, EEOC senior trial attorney in the New Orleans Field Office.
Butler said that, to her best knowledge, none of the alleged harassment occurred in view of school students. But there is still concern that “he is providing service to where he would have access to children,” she said.
Berry said he was not aware of the lawsuit when contacted Wednesday.


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