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Myanmar 'building nuclear sites'
Leaked US diplomatic cables say suspicious construction took place in remote jungles, aided by North Korean workers.
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Myanmar may be building missile and nuclear sites in remote locations with support from North Korea, according to secret US diplomatic cables released by the whistleblowing website Wikileaks.

 ウィキリーク ミャンマーが北朝鮮の援助をうけてミサイルや核施設を建造中かも、と。

DIPLOMACY | 09.12.2010
WikiLeaks: US pressured Germany after CIA abduction mistake

US said arrest warrants would harm the bilateral relationship
Leaked documents showed that Washington put intense pressure on Berlin not to arrest CIA agents involved in the 2003 abduction of a German citizen mistakenly believed to be a terrorist.


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Terrorist activity 'played down' - Police Federation

The level of terrorist activity in Northern Ireland is being played down by the police and government to make NI appear more normal than it actually is, the Police Federation has claimed.


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'Liu Xiaobo must be freed' - Nobel prize committee


Police and students in violent clashes over fees protest

イギリス 学生と機動隊との衝突の様子。

Germany to suspend compulsory military service


WOMEN | 03.12.2010
German boardrooms remain a man's domain - for now

Women are underrepresented in German top management
The Green party has received a mixed response from all sides for its aim of setting a legal quota for top management posts. There's hardly any consensus on the issue - whether in the world of politics or of business.

Germany's Green party wants 40 percent of positions on executive and supervisory boards to be filled by women. But politicians and businesspeople alike are far from consensus when it comes to introducing a legal quota.

"Germany is a late starter," said Green party leader Renate Kuenast during a parliamentary debate on the subject on Friday. "Employers haven't moved into the 21st century yet. If women are better educated than men, why do we keep employing the worse candidates?"

Women only make up 10 percent of advisory boards in Germany. In Norway, where such a quota was introduced in 2006, one-third of supervisory board members are women.

In terms of management boards, Germany fares even worse - only 2 percent include women.・・・・・
German society has been slow to break away from stereotypical gender roles. Until 1977 women had to have their husbands' permission to go to work.・・・・・
"I would never want to be reduced to a quota," she said. "I would want to get a job because of my qualifications, not because of my sex.






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さてと、更新 ロコさんとの対話 2の返答の方をしていたので、あまりみていないが・・・

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Prison bosses slammed in report over John Deery death


Assange may be victim of CIA smear tactics

Published: 08 December,

The United Kingdom has arrested Assange after Swedish and Interpol warrants were issues. He is being held without bail until at least December 14th. Assange refused to agree to non-contested extradition to Sweden.

The public face of WikiLeaks is accused of having consensual sex with two Swedish women without using a condom. Assange is not being charged for rape, but for what Swedish authorities referred to as "sex by surprise" or "unexpected sex."



WikiLeaks founder denied bail in UK
Julian Assange is remanded in custody after appearing in a London court on an extradition warrant.
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A London court has denied bail to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, and ordered that he remain in custody for a week, after he was arrested on an extradition warrant.

The 39-year-old Australian, who handed himself into authorities in the British capital on Tuesday, is wanted in Sweden on allegations of sex crimes.

Howard Riddle, the presiding judge at the City of Westminster Magistrate's Court, refused bail for Assange on the grounds that there was a risk he would fail to surrender.

Gemma Lindfield, representing the Swedish authorities, had told the court Assange should not be granted bail because of his "nomadic" lifestyle, his Australian citizenship and reports that he intended to seek asylum in Switzerland



US government spying on your credit cards

Published: 07 December, 2010,


Selling America’s wars to the people

Published: 08 December, 2010,

Disabled man alleges police beat him
Published On Tue Dec 07 2010

The Pentagon budgets half a billion dollars to market its wars. Call it public relations or call it propaganda, it’s meant to win the hearts and minds of Americans. Critics argue it comes at the price of the truth.

When it comes to Afghanistan and Iraq, the stories American’s hear from the US media often sound optimistic.

The story lines often follow the official line of the United States Department of Defense very closely.



Is the Media Ignoring Anti-Semitism at Indiana U?
December 7th, 2010 at 4:20 pm STEPHEN RICHER

On Monday, November 27, eight Hebrew texts were stolen from Indiana University’s Wells Library and urinated on. Only a few days previously, unknown perpetrators defaced and threw rocks at the windows of Jewish community buildings (Chabad House and the campus Hillel).

How did the country respond? Jewish websites have spoken up. But The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today have omitted to cover the story. It would be quite the understatement to say that anti-Islamic actions garner significantly more attention.

Why? Is it because the anti-Semitic incident at Indiana University is such an anomaly that it can be dismissed as one crazy Hoosier – an action that is no way representative of this trend? The statistics certainly don’t suggest this is the case. According to the FBI’s 2009 data, of the 1,575 victims of anti-religious hate crimes, “71.9 percent were victims because of an offender’s anti-Jewish bias; 8.4 percent were victims because of anti-Islamic bias; 3.7 percent were victims because of anti-Catholic bias.” See the stats here.


Controversial sign posted in Abbotsford

Posted: Dec 08, 2010 1:09 PM JST

Abbotsford (WQOW) - A sign posted in a storefront in Abbotsford might have you wondering whether we've turned back the hands of time, and for the wrong reason.

A man who's trying to open a strip club in Abbotsford posted a sign on the storefront which read, "No Negroes Allowed". The owner says he had a bad experience with African Americans, but instead of naming names, he targeted an entire race. When police asked him to take it down, he did so. The mayor says there's a delicate balance between private property rights and freedom of speech, and the rights of those who believe the words are offensive and inappropriate.

"And if I offended somebody, I'm sorry about that. But this is America and this is my right," says store owner Mark Prior.

"It is a free country and that's what's great about it but the freedom is for everybody," says Colby resident Melissa Thomas.

The mayor says the city does not condone racism, but is unsure if any further action will be taken.

 米国 ストリプクラブで”ニグロお断り”の掲示があった、と。警察がとるように言ったところ掲示を外した、と。本人は、個人の勝手じゃないか、ここ米国は自由の国だろ、と。市長は人種差別はいけないことだが、これ以上何かの措置をとるかわからない、と。(外国人お断り)

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010

England accused of racism: Ogura

Kyodo News
Japanese World Cup bid chief Junji Ogura said Tuesday that some members of the FIFA executive committee felt racism triggered reports of bribery by the Sunday Times and the BBC, which turned votes against England's bid for the 2018 tournament.

Ogura, who had one of 22 votes in Thursday's voting for the hosts of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, said his peers at world soccer's governing body even considered taking the Sunday Times to court, irate over the sting operation that saw Nigeria's Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii of Tahiti banned from the decision-making process.

England was eliminated in the first round of voting. Russia won the 2018 hosting rights in the next round.

"The African members of the executive committee were furious over the Sunday Times report," Ogura said at Japan Football Association headquarters.

"The idea of suing the paper at the executive committee meeting was even brought up. The people being accused were from Africa and Oceania, not Europe or Asia, and some felt racism was behind it."


2010/12/03 11:08:00

Japan 2022 Chairman Junji Ogura







ノギャルの次は里山ギャル 京都の女子大生、林業会結成




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