On idyllic Gwynn's Island, echoes of a racial divide
By Bill Sizemore
The Virginian-Pilot
© April 5, 2009
When she showed up to see the house in person, the rental agent was "visibly shocked, surprised and disturbed" to discover that Tabb is African American, according to a fair-housing lawsuit filed last month in federal court.

What followed, according to the lawsuit, was an ultimately successful 18-month campaign of racial harassment and intimidation calculated to drive Tabb, 39, and her children - Gwynn's Island's only black family - off the island.


Shortly after showing the house, the rental agent, Michelle Bell, called Tabb and told her the owner had increased the rent from $950 to $1,100 because she had so many children, according to the lawsuit.

By that time, Tabb said in an interview, she had already terminated her old lease and it was too late to back out. So she agreed to the higher rent and moved in.

Bell then began routinely driving by the house and watching the new tenants' activities, according to the lawsuit. Tabb said Bell asked her more than once who cared for her children while Tabb worked as a deputy sheriff in Richmond and attended college classes at night. Tabb also said Bell once asked whose car was in the driveway and told her "she was not to have any boyfriends" while living there.

Tabb said that on several occasions the family heard gunshots at night and awoke to find liquor bottles and trash strewn over the lawn. Once, she said, there was a cereal box near the front door with feces in it.

When she complained to Gene Jarvis, a representative of the Gwynn's Island Civic League, Tabb said, Jarvis told her he didn't want any "troublemakers" in the neighborhood.

"I told him I was thinking about contacting the NAACP," Tabb said. "He said he didn't like that organization. He asked would I like it if he called the KKK to have a little chat with me."

Neither Bell nor Jarvis responded to requests for comment.



The last straw, Tabb said, came when Bell - who is also a Mathews County school bus driver - began interrogating her sons Nick, then 8, and Don, 6, at Lee-Jackson Elementary School.

Tabb said Nick told her that Bell asked him, "Does your mother have a boyfriend? Who's sleeping with her? Is she beating you?"

Finally Bell took each boy aside in a school restroom and performed a strip search to look for evidence of child abuse, Tabb said. In Don's case, Tabb said, she pulled the boy's pants down and, when she found no signs of injury, angrily walked away, leaving him alone in the restroom with his pants down.

The lack of evidence notwithstanding, the Mathews County Department of Social Services received two complaints that Tabb's sons had been abused. An investigation ensued, and the complaints were ruled unfounded.


By bringing suit, she said, she doesn't mean to paint all Gwynn's Islanders with a racist brush: "I met some very nice people there."



2. 訴訟
3. 日本語で、事実関係を広く社会に広めてこうした問題に関する意識を高める、






「すべてのアイルランド人が人種差別主義者というわけではない」 怯えて暮らす黒人家族
北アイルランド No foreringer 広告から日本も学ぼう。

Racist graffiti found on school building

about 8 hours ago

Racist graffiti found on school building

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about 8 hours ago
by Andree Niswander


Stow -- Police are asking for help in finding who spray painted graffiti with racist content on the side of Lakeview Intermediate School in the overnight hours between March 16 and 17.

It was the second time in less than a week that the school was targeted with graffiti, with the first incident also occurring after hours between March 10 and 11.

Although the first incident did not contain racist content, the mark made by the most recent vandalism is more troubling than the average graffiti, according to Stow Police Capt. Rick Myers.

Numerous racist writings and drawings, including, "The south will rise again ... KKK," covered the school's east wall.

学校で人種差別的落書き 「南部は復活するーーーKKK」など

5 accused of beating Hispanic teen in hate attack
April 4, 2009
SLOATSBURG, N.Y. - Five white teenagers in suburban New York are accused of shouting "white power" while kicking and punching a Hispanic teen. 魚拓



Roman police find sewer children
Italian police have found more than 100 immigrants, including 24 Afghan children, living in the sewer system beneath railway stations in Rome

Hundreds of Berliners march to protest Neo-Nazi party convention

Although in dire financial straits, political observers believe the far-right party will not collapse. The NPD has made gains in regional elections and counts some 7,000 members.


Hockey denies coalition is racist
April 5, 2009 - 2:19PM
"Our concern is that it is a single prime government behind all of this," Mr Hockey said, adding Australia should not allow itself to be in any way beholden to a foreign government.

オーストラリア 政府が国債を中国に売るのは、危険として非難したところ、黄禍論だとして反論したことに対して再反論。

アイルランド 外資の標的