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Schwarzenegger says illegal immigrants aren't to blame for fiscal crisis
By Evan Halper
April 16, 2009

Illegal immigrants cashing in on federal tax credits, study shows.
By: Kevin Mooney
Examiner Staff Writer/Commentary
04/16/09 5:19 AM

Large numbers of illegal immigrants file tax returns using phony Social Security numbers to cash in on the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, thanks to lax government management, according to the author of a new study.

 The Earned Income Tax Credit
and Illegal Immigration
A Study in Fraud, Abuse, and Liberal Activism

家族構成などを偽って、earned income tax credit勤労所得控除で誤魔化して、得をしている、という。


Ian Tomlinson G20 protests death: police office faces manslaughter charge
A police officer is facing a manslaughter charge over the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London after a second post mortem found that he died from internal bleeding.

By Richard Edwards and Rebecca Smith
Last Updated: 4:35PM BST 17 Apr 2009


In Texas, 31% Say State Has Right to Secede From U.S., But 75% Opt To Stay

rasmussenreports.com – Fri Apr 17, 11:02 am ET


Spain has no reason to apologise for freeing herself from Islamic jihadist rule
Posted By: Gerald Warner at Apr 16, 2009

Another wimpish demand for a Western "apology" for long-past historic events, abetted as usual by le trahison des clercs - the insatiable appetite of modern soi-disants intellectuals to disparage their own civilisation and grovel to others. This time, Spanish writers are demanding that their government should apologise to Moors for King Philip III's expulsion of the Moriscos (Islamic "converts" resident in Spain) from the kingdom in 1609. The claim is they were so badly treated in the process that "hundreds" died.

In case the virulently anti-Hispanic prime minister who afflicts Spain at present - José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, recently dismissed by Nicolas Sarkozy as "dim" - should be tempted to indulge in any such masochistic exercise, how about taking it chronologically? Let's start with the massive Islamic invasion of Spain by Arabs, Syrians and Berbers in 711, which conquered the entire country by exemplary brutality within five years. Would Morocco like to start the ball rolling by apologising to Spain for that?

Then there was the little incident at the Battle of Tours on October 10, 732 when Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, governor-general of al-Andalus, the Muslim kingdom of Spain, was finally stopped in his tracks by Charles Martel, 12 miles north of Poitiers - not what you would call a traditionally Islamic area. The signs are these chaps were not going to stop even at the Watford Gap, unless somebody took drastic action. How about an apology to France for that incursion?

It took the Christians of Spain 800 years to recover their country in the bloody and relentless campaign known as the Reconquista, completed only with the fall of Granada in 1492. During those centuries, along with such atrocities as salting dissidents' decapitated heads as trophies for the Caliph, the Mediterranean populations were dragged in their hundreds of thousands to the slave markets of North Africa. Any apologies on offer?

Today, Osama bin Laden is urging Muslims from North Africa to migrate to Spain in the largest possible numbers to re-establish the Islamic state of al-Andalus. This campaign is boosted by tales of Moroccans who still hold the keys to houses in Granada, as well as by the fatuity of Spanish and other Western "intellectuals" afflicted with a masochistic, "my country/religion/civilisation always wrong" mentality. Historical apologies were an absurdity made fashionable in the 1990s; it is time to forget about such nonsense.


Video of an Attack on a White Man Infuriates the French魚拓
The French Internet scene has been buzzing for a week over a surveillance video on a bus that caught four hoodlums beating up a young white Frenchman. The attackers appear to be dark-skinned immigrants, and can be heard calling the Frenchman such things as “French shit,” and “son of a whore.”

For a time there was suspicion about the authenticity of the video, but all doubts were laid to rest when a policeman in the Essone district admitted he had posted it. “I put it up to show a few friends the conditions under which we have to work, but it leaked,” he said.


Housing charity worker suspended for 'homophobic' comments
Published by Jon Land for 24dash.com in Housing
Tuesday 14th April 2009 - 9:37am

"This case shows that in today's politically correct, increasingly secularised society, even consenting reasonable discussion on religion between two employees is being twisted by employers to discriminate and silence the Christian voice and freedom of expression.

'Diversity' is turning Britain into East Germany - a nation of sneaks

Ed West
Culture Wars

これは、ボランティア活動をしていた人たちが、ゲイについて語り合っていた。で、片方が、ゲイの友人はいるけど、ぼくは自分の教会の教えを支持している、同性愛はよくない、と語ったら、あとで、上司にちくられて、休職になった、という。( 以前これの最後の記事でも似たような問題を取り扱った)

Citizenship program needs to focus on Canadian ‘values’: Kenney
Jason Fekete, Canwest News Service
Published: Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The government wants to ensure that people becoming Canadian citizens have a full appreciation of the country's values -- such as rule of law and equality of men and women -- as well as its symbols and institutions, he said. He said there would, for instance, be more Canadian history on applicants' exams.

"There's a growing acknowledgment that we need to put more focus on integration in our immigration policy," Mr. Kenney said.

"We want to make sure that when people become Canadians, they totally understand that Canadian history becomes their history, Canadian values become their values," Mr. Kenney, MP for Calgary Southeast, told reporters.

He reiterated his belief that immigrants to Canada [other than youth and seniors] must be able to speak one of the country's two official languages - a policy already in place, but one that hasn't been fully enforced.

The minister also said he's disappointed that only 25% of newcomers to Canada have been enrolling in language classes.


From The Times
April 14, 2009
Britons take ‘migrant’ jobs in farms and factories

“The reality is that native British people have not wished to do these jobs in the past.” says Paul Whitehouse, chairman of the GLA.

Mark Rye, UK operations manager of DKM Labour Solutions, said: “Where we were getting two to three applications a day before the recession, we’re now seeing up to twenty-five applications for the same job. Over 80 per cent of these applications are from British people. In the past, we would not have seen many at all.


天使の歌声も顔は… 世界を魅了した英国発「普通のおばさん」
2009.4.18 17:41

スーザン.ボイルさん(47歳)~ 天使の声 I DREAMED A DREAM by Susan Boyle(Youtube)

WATCH: Boy Hurt During Fight With Teacher
Substitute teacher accused of fighting with three fifth-grade students.

WATCH: Student-Teacher Fight


Emails smears: Now Brown pays the price
Damian McBride and 'Smeargate'

On 11 April 2009 it was reported by the Daily Telegraph that Gordon Brown's special adviser, Damian McBride had sent a series of emails to Draper discussing plans to set up a blog which would be used to post false rumours about the private lives of senior members of the Conservative Party and their spouses. These smears would have included sexual and personal fabrications against MP Nadine Dorries, Conservative leader David Cameron and his wife Samantha, and Shadow Chancellor George Osborne and his wife Frances.[31][32]


New studies examine Mexican immigration, unauthorized immigrants
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April 18, 2009 - 9:32 PM

Passel said that because undocumented immigrants often live with spouses who are legal citizens or children who were born in the United States, these families have become increasingly difficult to categorize.

But for children of undocumented immigrants, a more significant threat looms: deportation of their parents.

"It was very hard to be undocumented and to parent my children," said Diana, a 50-year-old resident of Cameron Park who attended a class at the community center on Wednesday. Diana, who asked that her last name not be used in this article, burst out in tears as she recalled being deported to Mexico when her son was 11 years old. She did not see her son again for seven years, until she returned to the United States illegally


Racism in India criticised

Sunday, April 19, 2009
By Our Correspondent

Non-Hindus and scheduled castes comprising 85 percent of population were not even considered humans under the Hindu culture. He said that the majority of Indian Muslims were poverty-stricken and lived in slums.


April 18, 2009 a
Racist group leaves fliers on lawns: Coeur d'Alene neighborhood targeted for recruitment

They depicted a girl asking her father what he did during the "revolution" and asking "Where have all the White people gone daddy?" and "Why did those dark men take mommy away?" The fliers were signed "Aryan Nations, Church of Jesus Christ Christian," and listed a post office box and a Web site. The group's address is listed as "Couer d'Alene, Idaho."

The Aryan Nations Web site lists Jerald O'Brien and Michael Lombard as the "pastors" who have taken over after longtime leader Richard Butler's death in September 2004.

O'Brien said area residents can expect the dissemination of "a lot more" fliers and said "like-minded individuals will respond and seek membership." He said the election of President Barack Obama has served as the "greatest recruiting tool ever." He said he had "several handfuls" of members in Coeur d'Alene.

"It's bound to be a small group of people trying once again to bring hate into the community. They don't have anywhere to operate from except a post office box," said Tony Stewart, a spokesman for the task force. People in the community, he added, "will reject it as they have in the past. Anyone who feels intimidated should take comfort in the fact that the people are here for them, and we are here for them."

Several residents of the neighborhood that received the fliers were interviewed for this story, but most of them asked not to be named out of fear of retribution. All of those interviewed expressed shock, disgust or anger at the fliers. At least two called the police. One caller was a 22-year-old white woman who has a 4-year-old African-American son.

"My son's black, so it's not OK," said the woman, who asked only to be identified as Chelsee B. She said she was afraid to let her son play outside. Coeur d'Alene Police Department Sgt. Christie Wood said no investigation would be conducted, because the distribution of fliers is protected as free speech under the First Amendment. She added, however, that targeting people for harassment based on race is a crime and should be reported.

Stewart said hate speech is protected, but hate crimes are not.