Pa. student's article puts officer on desk duty

By Kia Gregory
Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia police officer has been put on desk duty after he was quoted spouting his disgust for the black residents in the community he patrolled.

During a ride-along with a Temple University senior journalism student, the officer, William Thrasher, who is white, was quoted as calling the residents of the predominantly black 22d District "animals" and the violence that happens there "typical n- s-" or "TNS."

Student's article leads to desk duty for officer

By Kia Gregory
Inquirer Staff Writer

McDonald quoted Thrasher on tensions in the community between police and residents, with Thrasher saying: "People hate us here. They spit at us."

At one point during a three-hour, midday patrol-car ride together in January, Thrasher reportedly pointed out recent homicide scenes, three of which involved multiple gunshots.

"People in this neighborhood don't care about each other," Thrasher was quoted as saying. "They'll shoot each other for drugs, for money, for bulls-. All they care about is their reputation. They want to look tough."

After Thrasher responded to a call about an argument, he reportedly dismissed the incident to his lieutenant as "TNS. Typical n- s-."

At another scene, where a man was shot in the back of the head by his daughter's boyfriend, Thrasher said: "These people are . . . disgusting. It's like they're animals."



Racism among cops as a symptom of burn out
Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 at 4:08 pm. Filed under: Behavioral Health

By: Maiken Scot


関連記事 アメリカの警官やっぱめちゃこわ


Letters to the Editor
- Idaho Statesman
Published: 04/03/09


We're still far from fulfilling King's dream

I recently was in one of our local grocery stores and saw an advertisement for a scholarship competition. Upon reading the advertisement, I was offended and angered by the rules for the scholarship. You have to be African-American to apply. My wife is of Latin descent, and she too was offended. It offends me because if there was a company who put out a scholarship just for white students, the ACLU and the NAACP would be in court within a week. Where are these organizations when the discrimination goes the other way?

When President Obama was inaugurated, everyone on television was talking about the fulfillment of Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream. We are still very far from that dream. While there are scholarships that are only for specific minorities and lawsuits if there is one for white students, his dream is still a long way off. I want that dream fulfilled, too, but until everyone stops calling attention to the color of their skin, we will never reach the dream.

Prejudice is prejudice, discrimination is discrimination, and racism is racism. We can end it, but we all have to end it, not just people who look like me.



Changing schools was the right choice for us

Male educators should learn how girls bully. Feeling good about making someone feel bad is a form of bullying. Our daughter was persistently targeted by a group of girls who wanted to push her out. The principal assured her that they would lose interest if she would ignore them. The abuse escalated. While she played alone, three girls assaulted her and tried to throw her down. We became concerned about her safety and sought legal advice.

When I told a former teacher of our decision to transfer her, she said, "It's the best thing you ever did for her. ... I didn't agree with the way problems with the girls were handled."

During her senior year, she received solicitation letters from MIT and West Point. Her counselor considered her to be a promising candidate for Harvard. Wellesley College was her choice. The faculty there called her their "teacher extraordinaire" and urged her to return to teach at Wellesley.

When asked if she regretted transferring in fifth grade, she said, "Had I stayed at that school, I would never have had the confidence to do anything."

Seemingly innocuous bullying can affect a child profoundly.



なぜか、虐めは日本に特有だと思っている一部外人さんもいるようであるが、しかし、例えば、アメリカでもOdd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girlsなどの良書があり、それが翻訳されているところをみても、日本の専売特許ではあるまい。
Lessons from a junior high school

Mobara, Chiba

It Is Not All Good Times and Screwing Off

It seems that along with baseball and soft tennis, the most popular club at this school was foreign-teacher beating, yet nothing was ever done. Do the good people of Japan really want their junior high students graduating with the lesson that violence is fine, as long as it is directed at non-Japanese?

It Is Not All Good Times and Screwing Off(ghost letters)
I have noticed that there are many people who come to work in Japan and treat it like a damn summer camp or something. They tend to not take their job very serious at all. What they forget it that the company they work for is trying to turn a profit and maintain a successful business. When people treat their job like a fucking summer camp get-a-away, all they are doing is getting in the way of some very serious business. While, this does not apply to everyone, there seems to be a large number of lazy jerk-offs who make very little attempt to do their job well. Why would a person come all the way to Japan to work and treat their job like a damn day at a candy store?

From within my own company I am half-tempted to burn some people a new ass for this kind of shit. It is going to become necessary very quickly to weed out the fuck-offs. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I am quickly realizing that maybe some of them do not deserve to be given any wiggle room. What is so hard about coming to work everyday and trying to do your best? Is this really a struggle for some people? There seems to be something about Japan which makes some of my fellow gaijin not give a damn about their job.

While there is no real upward mobility in my job, hence some people's excuses to give it much effort, I do 110%. Not only because I earn my $$, but because I take pride in doing a good job. The students are paying for lessons after all, how would you feel on the opposite end if your teacher was such a shmuck?

I meet plenty of these types in my company too dude.