The subject line of the e-mail read simply, "Please help."

This time it was a 13-year-old boy. After 20 years of sweatshop labour, his mother could be deported thanks to new laws coming into effect on June 1.

The boy was born here, making him an American citizen. But his mother, like the majority of the island's residents, was not. She arrived during a garment factory boom in the 1980s that promised prosperity in America. She found a territory exempt from U.S. labour and immigration laws. For 20 years, she struggled to support her family in a sweatshop.




03/03/09 06:48 AM
Falls police say woman put up racist sign

NIAGARA FALLS—Two days after a man was sentenced to probation and community service for putting up a sign as a “joke” in a public works garage that said “whites only” on a drinking fountain, city police were called to a home in the 600 block of 25th Street on Sunday to investigate another racially charged sign.

This one was clearly no joke.

No charges were filed Sunday, but police told the woman she must take down the handwritten sign on a fence on her property saying, “I rent three bedrooms [at her address to] white people Niagara Falls.”

The 53-year-old woman told police she put up the sign after someone tried to break into her house and added, “I can do what I want. I live in America,” according to a police report.

Police said they received complaints and she must take the sign down. An officer at the scene said the woman agreed to take down the sign under protest. The officer said the woman already had seven more signs she was planning to hang up.

不動産差別。アメリカ 「白人には賃貸する」という広告を出す。警官に注意されて、ひっこめる。ただし、起訴はなし。


PCSOs 'faced racism and violence'

Staff faced homophobic and racist abuse plus bullying, documents claim
Staff at a police station in central London have encountered violence and racist bullying, an internal Scotland Yard investigation has found.
Many police community support officers (PCSOs) in Belgravia were afraid to speak out and some were assaulted or threatened by colleagues, it added.
The review was submitted to an employment tribunal brought by a PCSO.
He said there was an "apartheid" system at the station with separate vans used to transport black and white officers.

Among claims of racist language were an allegation that one officer said: "Stick by me and we will bring down all the lazy blacks, one by one.


Second-degree assault charges against 30-year-old Rafael Rodriguez were dropped Friday after prosecutors received a video that contradicted the arresting officer's allegations.

Video from a police cruiser camera does not show Rodriguez attacking officers John Wynkoop or Scott Wilson, as Wynkoop had claimed in a sworn statement. Wynkoop says he tried to cite Rodriguez for driving with illegal blue lights.

In the video, the officers are seen slamming Rodriguez against his car, pepper spraying him and hitting him with a police baton. One of the officers is also heard mocking Rodriguez's accented English.


The attack, called the worst anti-gay hate crime in Dallas in recent memory, left Dean hospitalized for 10 days



Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:00 am EST

Minus xenophobia and racism, Cherry has point about Ovechkin
By Greg Wyshynski

"Look at this! This is what we want our hockey players to act with?" asks Cherry, as a group of dark-skinned soccer players dance in a circle on the pitch. OK, maybe "subtle" racism was being too generous ...
But we know that the xenophobia and Euro-bashing is all part of the curmudgeonly act for Cherry, and the Ovechkin bashing fits right into that. His general argument is "don't be a fun foreigner, act like a robotic Canadian."
Don Cherry とかいう、カナダのアイスホッケーの解説者が、有色人のサッカー選手の競技場の行儀をさして、こんな間抜け野郎のマネをカナダのホッケー選手にしてもらいたくない、と発言。

Threatened deportation betrays lie of island paradise


Immigration officials say 'stipulated removal' saves the government money and gets immigrants out of detention sooner. Advocates fear deportees don't know their rights.
By Anna Gorman
March 2, 2009

Jayashri Srikantiah, the director of the Stanford clinic, which has sued the federal government to get more information, said some detainees are pressured to sign the deportation forms even though they may have defenses against deportation or be eligible for asylum or green cards. About 95% of the people who agreed to the speedy deportations since 1999 are not represented by attorneys, she said.

"We have people mostly who are in detention in remote locations, without lawyers, who are non-English speakers, and they are being asked to sign away their rights," Srikantiah said.



Fanatical students don't see racism
Mar 02, 2009 04:30 AM

Today begins in earnest that detestable, despicable annual campus hate-fest known as Israeli Apartheid Week.

It started in Toronto, five years ago, before metastasizing to nearly 40 universities around the globe: a pile-on of hyperbolic anti-Semitism that de facto equates Zionism with racism, not even pretending to draw distinctions any more.

You might remember Durban I, circa 2001, known formally as the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. That chaotic and embarrassing anti-Israeli fiasco was hijacked by both Arab and African delegates – the former demanding that Zionism be linked to racism in the most hateful language imaginable; the latter demanding compensation for slavery in previous centuries.

Not a peep was heard about contemporary slavery in the Sudan or the thousand-year practice of flesh commerce in Islamic societies. Nor was there condemnation of Hutu-on-Tutsi atrocities in Rwanda in 1994. It was all about damning Western colonialism in the past and Israel in the present.


MEA racism claim lands in court

By Andrew Wellner
Published on Saturday, February 28, 2009
Kelly complains of other employees, some his supervisors, using racial epithets including the ones most commonly used to insult blacks but also ones like “nappy” and “boy.”

“Throughout plaintiff’s employment with MEA, he has had to endure several overt racial incidents which have included a hangman’s noose placed above his desk; a coffin-like mailbox placed above his MEA locker that was painted jet black and contained the word ‘Napville’ stenciled on one side and ‘J. Kelly’ on the other side; having his work solutions referred to as ‘[N-----] rig,’ and the heads of MEA refer to him as ‘boy.’” the complaint states.


NAACP 'disgusted' by Staten Island politician's racist e-mail about Obama
Sunday, March 1st 2009, 9:14 PM
A political appointee to the Staten Island Community Education Council forwarded a racist e-mail to dozens of people, angering officials with the local NAACP.
Salvatore Ballarino admitted sending an e-mail featuring photos from the last presidential debate with voice balloons added to suggest a conversation laden with racist jokes.
"It was a political cartoon," Ballarino said. "It was a joke, and I treated it as such."
In the e-mail, Sen. John McCain is shown telling then-candidate Barack Obama that he has black people in his family tree, adding, "If I recall, they're still hanging there."
In another exchange, McCain asks Obama the difference between a black man and a picnic table, before offering that "a picnic table can support a family."
Tammy Greer-Brown, education chair for the Staten Island chapter of the NAACP, said she was "disgusted."
"There needs to be some severe action taken, not just an apology," Greer-Brown said.


Herefordshire brothers' racist graffiti at house in Hinton

8:00am Monday 2nd March 2009
TWO brothers who painted racist National Front graffiti onto a house in Hereford have been jailed.

Their message referred to Pakistanis – but the property was rented by a Portuguese family, a court heard.



Home Office statistics show that the typical hate offender is likely to be a young white male. Most homophobic offenders are aged 16-20 and most race hate offenders are under 30.

CBCnews March 1, 2009
A film set amid riots between Lebanese and white gangs in Australia has been pulled from cinemas in Sydney after fights broke out during screenings.

The Combination examines tensions between the youth gangs in Sydney's suburbs in 2005.

Cinema chain Greater Union pulled the film after violence erupted at two of its cinemas on Thursday and Saturday nights


Racist stab attack man locked up
A man who stabbed a school boy eight times in a race attack in Glasgow city centre has been locked up for four years and three months.