Spain stands by immigrant amnesty

"Spain is a sovereign country," he said. "As such, it is respected throughout Europe. Decisions taken by the Spanish government are good for Spain and for Europe."

So why has the Spanish government taken this decision to - as its critics see it - reward illegal immigrants by giving them Spanish residency papers and work permits?

"These people were working in our shadow economy. They were using social services but not paying any taxes, so we gave them the chance over a limited period to get their papers in order without being penalised," she said.

The main conservative opposition party, the Popular Party, says the illegal immigration amnesty will just exacerbate the problem, acting, it says, as a magnet, encouraging the arrival of even more illegal immigrants in the hope that - one day - another amnesty will be called.

"The Spanish government is making the right steps to provoke a wave of xenophobia and racism which this country never had before," said Popular Party MP Gustavo de Aristegui.

"The government simply did not do its homework.

"Our European neighbours are now worried that legalised illegal immigrants will use their new papers, procured in Spain, to enter wealthier EU nations and then never leave."

Immigrants target Spanish amnesty (27 April, 2005)
Illegal immigrants are arriving from Paris, Germany and even Italy in the hope of obtaining Spanish residence permits so they can remain in Europe

Spain, Like U.S., Grapples With Immigration June 10, 2008

with the economy slowing, attitudes appear to be changing. The unemployment rate among foreigners is now 14.7 percent, compared with 8.7 percent among Spaniards. Nearly 40 percent of the recent jump in unemployment has occurred among the foreign-born.

“People are starting to say: ‘We don’t need immigrants. They should return to their country,’ ”

French, German and Dutch officials criticized the Spanish move, fearing an increase in illegal immigration that would cross their borders. Some domestic critics said the program also attracted illegal workers dwelling elsewhere in Europe.

But Ms. Delgado wears the willed smile of a woman trying to hide her sorrow. Her visit to Ecuador reminded her of how much she had missed of her children’s lives. “You go back and you don’t find them the way you left them,” she said.

Their income allowed the couple to bring just one child to Spain, and they brought their youngest, Allan. Arriving in March, he found the weather cold, the food strange. Puzzled by his parents’ fourth-floor walk-up, he said, “The houses are high.”


Illegal Immigrants in France May Receive Amnesty(8 Jul 2006)

France says no mass amnesty for illegal migrants(24/04/2008)魚拓
GERMANY | 10.03.2005
A German Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants?
An amnesty for illegal immigrants in Britain should be rejected 魚拓

SAN ANTONIO, TX -- At least 200 immigrants nationwide face deportation under what's become known as the "widow's penalty," a federal policy ordering widows and widowers out of the country if their U.S. citizen spouse dies before their immigration application is approved.

Immigration officials maintain they are simply enforcing the law, but some advocates say it's a cruel injustice to spouses who were following U.S. immigration law and suffered the loss of a husband or wife, the San Antonio Express-News reported Monday.

"Our great nation cannot be seen to invite foreign fiancees, authorize them to become married to American citizens, sanction their application for legal status, allow them to establish families and a home life together, then throw the spouses out when the American dies during bureaucratic immigration processing," said Brent Renison, in a federal court filing on behalf of Gwendolyn Hanford, a Filipino woman fighting deportation.

Her husband died of a heart attack in 1998, before the government approved her green card application. She was notified in 2002 that although couple had a child together, her application was denied.魚拓 

Boris Johnson: immigration amnesty worth considering

Number of illegal migrants in Britain is 80 per cent more than official estimates

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said the best way to deal with the backlog was to say that everyone here illegally would be able to work officially and eventually gain full citizenship.
He said: "If people are going to be here and we've chronically failed to kick them out it's morally right that they should contribute in their taxes to the rest of society."
Mr Johnson is on a collision course with his own Conservative party, which opposes the plans.
Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, said: "The problem with amnesties is that they store up trouble for the future as people will always expect another one.
"The long term effect of an amnesty is therefore to encourage more illegal immigration."

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch campaign group, said: "We have the biggest recession in memory getting under way, two million unemployed, heading up for three million.
"Is it really suggested that British jobs should go to illegal workers? It just makes no sense at all."
But Austin Ivereigh, spokesman for Strangers Into Citizens, which campaigns for long-term migrants to be given citizenship, said: "They've ended up here. They've put down roots. Their children are in our schools. They're often working.
"We need to call them out of the shadows so they can play their part in society, they can pay taxes. This is a move that benefits everyone."
Phil Woolas, the immigration minister, rejected the "earned amnesty" plan, saying it would only lead to more illegal immigration.魚拓





















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