Sarkozy: 'Too many foreigners in France'
07.03.12 @ 09:35
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BRUSSELS - A combative Nicolas Sarkozy during a TV show on Tuesday (6 March) said there are too many immigrants in France and tried to defend his leadership and economic policy.

"Our system of integration is working more and more badly, because we have too many foreigners on our territory and we can no longer manage to find them accommodation, a job, a school," he said.

Himself the son of a Hungarian immigrant and a former minister of interior, Sarkozy has pursued hardline policing against irregular migrants, such as the 'voluntary' repatriations of thousands of Roma travellers to Romania and Bulgaria in 2010 or the push-backs of Tunisian migrants coming via Italy.

He has been accused of adopting a more extreme right-wing discourse in a bid to woo voters from nationalist leader Marine Le Pen because he trailing in the polls behind the Socialist contender in the run up to April elections.

The UK is losing its black talent
Our country must tackle the effects of recession and inequality that are forcing many black Britons to leave

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Melody David
guardian.co.uk, Saturday 17 March 2012 12.00 GMT

The other week I went to the leaving party of a good friend. Afiyua is heading for a new career in Ghana, as a manager of a small charity that supports orphaned and vulnerable children living in Accra. What struck me about her departure, though, is just how many black Britons I know who have left the UK since the start of the recession.

She had previously been searching for work in the UK; but cuts to the charity and not-for-profit sector meant that looking abroad was her only viable option. Noticing the trend, I did a quick survey of more than 100 black friends and contacts: and I was shocked to find that more than 70% said that, since 2008, they had either left the UK or seriously considered leaving. It seems we are losing black Britons, and this is not a good thing.

What worries me most is that we seem to be losing highly educated people. Around 80% of those I questioned had first, second or even third degrees, and more than two-thirds were between 26 and 35 years old. These are skilled black people who were born and raised in British society. Can the UK really afford to lose skilled workers when what we are most in need of is economic growth?

So why are they leaving? More than 60% said it was to escape the recession and seek business and job opportunities. But almost two thirds felt that the recession had affected ethnic minorities more than white Britons and 94% said the recession had affected them financially or career-wise.

Figures revealed last weekend, showing that unemployment among young black men has doubled in the last three years, gave weight to their fears. According to the Office for National Statistics, more than half of Britain's young black men, and 39% of women, are jobless – more than twice the rate for young white people.

The Runnymede Trust's 2009 bulletin, Race and the Repercussions of Recession, stated that "the onset of the current crash hit black and ethnic minorities harder than the national average worker". This report predicted that unemployment would rise among black and ethnic minorities during the recession, especially for "those whose employers decide not to favour them because in hard times they might be tempted to look after their own".

Rachael, a 22-year-old customer services adviser from London, told me: "In my current job, I noticed there was a higher percentage of black people who were declined a permanent contract after completing their probation… I heard rumours that a person's 'aggressive' attitude was often given as a reason for their contract not being renewed."

Many black Britons will acknowledge the irritation of being considered "aggressive" by their white colleagues. Rachael's experience suggests racial stereotyping and discrimination is still an issue.

Away from the workplace, over the last few years we've seen increased support for fascist groups, with the BNP winning two seats in the 2009 European parliament and increasing its vote by 2% in the 2010 general election; and more recently the far-right English Defence League has been holding anti-Muslim demonstrations.

"More competition for jobs is creating a climate where ethnic minorities have become a scapegoat for white people's circumstances," says Daniel, from south-east London, who left to work in Switzerland in 2011.

It was no surprise that more than a third of the people I asked said they would leave the UK for a country of black origin. For African and Caribbean Britons, black nations offer growing economies, low barriers to entry in business, and a sense of belonging. Louise Darko, who left the UK in 2009, empathises. "They can see various opportunities in their countries of ethnic origin and other black countries, such as entrepreneurship," says the co-owner of MSC Boutique in Johannesburg.

And Rochelle McClymont, a 26-year-old English teacher from London, who works in Korea having lived in Jamaica and Cuba, believes black people "feel we can do better in a country where we are not considered minorities and where our knowledge may be valued more".

But what might seem like a positive transition for those black Britons who are leaving will be a negative one for Britain. If we continue to ignore the growing inequality since the recession began we may not have a skilled black workforce in the near future. Without a rapid and positive change in attitudes towards black Britons, we will continue to lose our black talent, and the diversity that many here have fought so hard to establish. And that will be a loss for all in Britain.

Racist Thugs Spat On Four-year-old Girl and Beat up Her Mother in a Sickening Attack in Her Corner Shop
Posted on 17 March 2012 by Garibaldi

No Islamophobia to see here, no racism. These racist thugs must have appeared out of no where.
It’s also interesting that the Daily Mail chose to highlight the fact that the victim of the racist attack, store owner Saly Chowdhury “refuses to sell alcohol in her store.” Why is that important:
Racist thugs spat on four-year-old girl and beat up her mother in a sickening attack in her corner shop
by Leon Watson (Daily Mail)
Racist thugs spat on a four-year-old girl and brutally beat her mother in a
sickening attack.
Saly Chowdhury was left with a black eye and facial injuries after two men and a woman tried to steal two boxes of crisps from her shop, the Hendon Valley Stores in Sunderland.
The incident took place on last Friday at 4.40pm when the mother-of-four ran out of the shop after the thieves and accidentally locked herself outside.
When the trio started hurling racist abuse at her, she fled to her home nearby.
But they caught up with her and spat on her four-year-old daughter Ousha, shoved her seven-year-old daughter against the wall and thumped her 13-year-old daughter in the face.
The gang then turned their attentions to Saly, 31, punching her in the face, tearing out chunks of her hair and choking her with her scarf.
Saly, who also has a nine-year-old daughter, managed to free herself and get herself and her children inside to safety.
And just 12 hours later the mum-of-four was back behind the shop counter, determined not to let the vicious thugs get the better of her.
Saly, who refuses to sell alcohol in her store, said: ‘I had to close my shop
on Friday and I lost business.
‘I’m not letting them do that to me again. It was scary and it’s worrying going back to work but there is no need for this behaviour.
‘I have many great customers who know me and I know them. If this is all about stealing, then please speak to me first and we can see if something can be sorted out.
‘The problem of people coming in here and stealing things is getting worse and worse.’
Northumbria Police yesterday said the incident ‘simply won’t be tolerated’.
An investigation into the attack has been launched and is being treated as
racially aggravated.
Sergeant Tom Connor, who covers the area, said: ‘This type of behaviour is despicable.’

Private colleges are being sacrificed to please the anti-immigration lobby
High fees plus the prohibition of any part-time working by international students at private colleges have ensured the dramatic contraction of the industry, says Geoffrey Alderman

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Geoffrey Alderman
guardian.co.uk, Monday 12 March 2012

With the home secretary, Theresa May, at its helm, the Home Office announced its intention to drastically reduce non-EU migration to the UK. International students presented themselves as the easy target. The UKBA announced that it proposed to help meet the government's migration objectives by restricting the recruitment activities of both profit and not-for-profit private educational institutions.

Watchdog warns of 'blatant racism' against Roma
27.02.12 @ 18:45

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BRUSSELS - Europe's Roma population is subject to growing discrimination and more and more attacks by extremist groups, according to the Strasbourg-based human rights watchdog, the Council of Europe (CoE).

The council in a 250-page report published on Monday (27 February) said they suffer from "blatant racism" and have a life expectancy 10 years less than the average in several EU member states including Hungary, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Ukrainian teen 'gang-raped, dumped in a ditch and set on fire by sons of former government officials' (but survives)


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Her Hollywood dream became a nightmare: Mother's joy at reunion with daughter who was 'drugged and tortured by sex offender'... but family fears she's still at risk


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Vital protection or sinister addition to our surveillance society? The spy camera hidden in traffic wardens' ID badges
PUBLISHED: 22:01 GMT, 17 March 2012 | UPDATED: 04:55 GMT, 18 March 2012

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Discussion: Reader Eric C writes in with an argument for “giving up on Japan”. What do you think?

Posted by debito on March 18th, 2012

シー・シェパード豪州拠点の市庁舎にSS海賊旗掲揚の動議 9割以上が賛成
2012.3.18 20:38


Seeking Asian Female - SXSW 2012 Accepted Film

March 12, 2012, 10:00 AM ET
‘Seeking Asian Female’ Explores World of Mail-Order Brides

When Steven is first introduced, Lum says in voiceover that “the first time I visited him in his own home, I had to fight the urge to leave.” We can immediately see why. A giggling Steven, addressing Lum as she ascends the stairs, shouts a hearty hello while waving her in: “Welcome! Welcome! Your hair looks cute! You look very Chinese, with the bangs…and you know I like that!”

As Lum becomes ever more deeply involved in their relationship, “Seeking Asian Female” takes a spin into increasingly unsettling territory; we learn more about Lum’s past and present — she grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, a fourth-generation Chinese American; she’d spent much of her life resisting dating Caucasian men due to her discomfort with being labeled “Chinese,” but ultimately married an Irish man from Belfast who “thinks of her first and foremost as an American” — until she ultimately becomes the key character in her own film.


Asian American


Eternal Foreigner

My Transnational, Hapa Identity in Question
Posted on Feb 19, 2012


「『絆』はどこに?」 シャネル日本法人社長が小説で警鐘
2012.3.18 21:19 [東日本大震災]










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