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People living alone 'are more depressed'

People of working age who live alone increase their risk of depression by up to 80% compared with people living in families, says a Finnish study.

It says the main factors are poor housing conditions for women and a lack of social support for men, who are both equally affected.

The study tracked the use of anti-depressants in 3,500 Finnish people.

A mental health charity said people who lived alone must be given outlets to talk about their problems.

世銀総裁候補、米は韓国系キム氏 ナイジェリアも擁立へ

US nominates health expert for World Bank job
Jim Yong Kim, a physician by training, comes as surprise pick for international financial institution's top job.
Last Modified: 23 Mar 2012

Trayvon Martin: The myth of US post-racialism
The shooting of a young black man demonstrates how institutional and structural racism is still robust in the US.
Last Modified: 22 Mar 2012

Ten years without Gadamer
Santiago Zabala pays tribute to philosopher Gadamer - remembered for his contributions in the area of hermeneutics.
Last Modified: 23 Mar 2012

"Human beings, for Gadamer, are creatures who must continually interpret their world since they are not neutral, independent or objective observers..."

Nowhere to turn: Britain's sex slaves
For women trafficked to the UK and forced into prostitution, escape from their captors is no guaranteee of a happy ending

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Joanna Moorhead

Maria is in her early 20s, slight and dark-haired, a mother with a toddler. If you saw her on the bus, you would assume she was just like any other young mum. But you would be wrong. Until about a year ago, Maria was a sex slave. She was held prisoner in a flat somewhere in Britain for eight months and forced to have intercourse with various men: the child in the buggy is the product of one of those sessions.

Maria was trafficked to the UK by an organised criminal gang, and still lives in fear that they will find her. "I don't want to say exactly where I'm from, as that could identify me," she says. "It was somewhere in the Balkans. I was a normal girl from a normal town, but I fell in love with a boy and my family didn't approve, and I ran away with him."

When her boyfriend unexpectedly died, Maria found herself alone and vulnerable, making her easy prey for a man who seemed to want to start a relationship with her, but was really grooming her for the gang. He tricked her into going to stay at his home, forced her into having sex, then told her he was taking her to the UK.

But the Home Office rejected her claim for asylum – and she is currently appealing against that decision. "I want to make a life here for me and my child," she says.

Stepnitz believes there are around 10,000 women in Britain who have been trafficked here for sexual exploitation

性産業 性奴隷 慰安婦

Documents show NYPD infiltrated liberal groups
By ADAM GOLDMAN, Associated Press – 7 hours ago

NEW YORK (AP) — Undercover NYPD officers attended meetings of liberal political organizations and kept intelligence files on activists who planned protests around the country, according to interviews and documents that show how police have used counterterrorism tactics to monitor even lawful activities.
The infiltration echoes the tactics the NYPD used in the run-up to New York's 2004 Republican National Convention, when police monitored church groups, anti-war organizations and environmental advocates nationwide. That effort was revealed by The New York Times in 2007 and in an ongoing federal civil rights lawsuit over how the NYPD treated convention protesters.
Police said the pre-convention spying was necessary to prepare for the huge, raucous crowds that were headed to the city. But documents obtained by The Associated Press show that the police department's intelligence unit continued to keep close watch on political groups in 2008, long after the convention had passed.
In April 2008, an undercover NYPD officer traveled to New Orleans to attend the People's Summit, a gathering of liberal groups organized around their shared opposition to U.S. economic policy and the effect of trade agreements between the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
When the undercover effort was summarized for supervisors, it identified groups opposed to U.S. immigration policy, labor laws and racial profiling. Two activists — Jordan Flaherty, a journalist, and Marisa Franco, a labor organizer for housekeepers and nannies — were mentioned by name in one of the police intelligence reports obtained by the AP.
"One workshop was led by Jordan Flaherty, former member of the International Solidarity Movement Chapter in New York City," officers wrote in an April 25, 2008, memo to David Cohen, the NYPD's top intelligence officer. "Mr. Flaherty is an editor and journalist of the Left Turn Magazine and was one of the main organizers of the conference. Mr. Flaherty held a discussion calling for the increase of the divestment campaign of Israel and mentioned two events related to Palestine."
The document is available here: http://apne.ws/GGCBuX .
The document provides the latest example of how, in the name of fighting terrorism, law enforcement agencies around the country have scrutinized groups that legally oppose government policies. The FBI, for instance, has collected information on anti-war demonstrators. The Maryland state police infiltrated meetings of anti-death penalty groups. Missouri counterterrorism analysts suggested that support for Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, might indicate support for violent militias — an assertion for which state officials later apologized. And Texas officials urged authorities to monitor lobbying efforts by pro Muslim-groups.

police brutality 監視社会

'My name is Mohamed Merah and my life is hell'
Published: 23 Mar 2012 11:29 GMT+1
Updated: 23 Mar 2012 10:35 GMT+1

Several Frenchmen who bear the same name as gunman Mohamed Merah have been targetted and harassed after the identity of the Toulouse killer was released.

"It’s insane, completely mad," says Mohamed Merah, a Lyon resident. "My life was just turned upside down," he told the French daily Ouest France. "For thirty hours, he lived holed up in his flat. I was confined to my bed."

Merah bears the same name as the lone gunman who killed seven people, including three Jewish children, a rabbi and three paratroopers in the city of Toulouse in southwestern France.

On Wednesday morning, the media reported that the main suspect in a spate of killings in the region was called Mohamed Merah. That’s when trouble started for all those who were called Merah, a common Algerian surname, in France.

Some say they were harassed on the phone. Others say they received insults on their Facebook accounts or that their friends and employees were warned they might be in contact with a killer.

"People were publishing my photo on the internet, they said I was his spitting image," a Mohamed Merah in Lyon told Ouest France. "I'm the same age, have the same origins, so people jumped to conclusions."

On Thursday, the self-proclaimed Al-Qaeda militant Mohamed Merah was shot when special forces of the French police stormed the building where he was holed up. But it's unlikely his name or face will be forgotten soon.

フランス いじめ

Sweden's 'immigrants' find Big Apple success
Published: 20 Mar 12 11:30 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation

Frustration with being shut out of the Swedish job market has prompted several Swedes with immigrant backgrounds to seek – and find – success in the melting pot that is New York City, contributor Rafaela Stålbalk discovers.

“Adaptable, well-educated Swedish-Ghanaian fluent in five languages seeking vacant position.”

This is how Medufia "Keke" Kulego would introduce himself in job applications that he sent to countless employers throughout Sweden.

After spending four years in New York studying business marketing and finance on a full scholarship at St. John’s University, Kulego was prepared to start his career back in Sweden.

But despite tons of skills, Kulego was unable to land a job in Sweden that matched the skills he'd acquired at university. Instead he was stuck with mediocre, entry-level gigs.

Kulego was born and raised by Ghanaian parents in Rosengård ‒ a district in central Malmö that some refer to as “the roughest ghetto in Scandinavia.”

Educated, fully fluent in Swedish, and entirely assimilated to the Swedish society, Kulego was left to assume his ethnicity was the reason he'd been shut out of the Swedish job market.

Aggravated with the situation, Kulego looked for opportunities back in the United States, hoping employees there would have more confidence in him than those in his home country did.

And in 2001, Kulego was given the chance he's been waiting for: he went from being an underrated jobseeker in Sweden to a successful investment banker on Wall Street.

“In the States, your skills and personality are what matters,” Kulego, 39, says.

“Here, it's different from Sweden, where your name is a first indication of whom you are."

Stories like Kulego's have caused concern in some quarters in Sweden, with commentators such as author Tove Lifvendahl arguing that Sweden risks losing many highly qualified workers when Swedish society makes them feel undervalued.

“We bullied them away and showed them the door,” she wrote in a recent column.

Lifvendahl's argument rings true for Kulego, who says the endless rejection he experienced in Sweden is ultimately what drove him away.

“I love Sweden. It is my home. But I had to leave because it did not want me,” he says.

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National anthem of Kazakhstan

borat - kazakhstan national anthem

‘Don’t attack Iran!’ Anti-war protests hit UK and Israel
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Published: 24 March, 2012

猫ひろしさん五輪代表決定 マラソン、カンボジアから






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