French police link extreme right-wing soldiers posing with a Nazi flag to rabbi and his two sons shot dead outside Jewish school in France
7 now dead as police hunt assassin with right-wing connections
Killer 'had video camera around his neck' as he pulled up and opened fire
Father and his two sons, and another girl, killed outside Jewish school
Three French paratroopers murdered last week, another still critical
Victims of gunman's shootings have been black, North African or Jewish
Gunman made his getaway on bike thought to be a Yamaha T-Max
PUBLISHED: 08:09 GMT, 19 March 2012 | UPDATED: 09:05 GMT, 20 March 2012


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Monday, March 19, 2012
Is Sarkozy to blame for racist deaths of children soldiers and a rabbi in France?
In today's Guardian Fiachra Gibbons has an excellent article which outlines the dangers of the lurch to the hard right by France's current government in their despertae bid to cling to power. He writes
Over the past few years of recession and regression, it has become a trite truism of European politics that you can't go wrong going to the right. Politicians across the continent have found a new magic formula for electoral success and survival by playing on fears of foreigners and particularly of Islam – the wink and a nod that says that immigration has been the root of our social and economic decline. This is by no means an exclusively rightwing vice. Anyone who has heard the Dutch Labour party recently will have difficulty putting light between them and the demagogue Geert Wilders.
Until today, they might have tried to argue that there was no harm in it, that it's healthy even, a rebalancing of the scales after two decades of biting our tongues and creeping political correctness.

The French airwaves have been full of such ugly equivocation these past few weeks as Nicolas Sarkozy has lurched his party wildly to the right in an attempt to save his skin, claiming there were "too many immigrants in France"and stoking Islamophobia with a ridiculous claim that the French were being secretly forced to eat halal; his prime minister François Fillon even said Jews and Muslims should put their dietary laws behind them and embrace modernity.

Are we in France now reaping the seeds sown by Sarkozy and his desperate henchmen in their bid to cling to power?

In France, anti-Semitism isn’t usually violent but often lurks just below the surface

By Associated Press, Tuesday, March 20, 5:10 AM

The Protection Service, which tallies reports of anti-Semitic acts each year, said that while the number in 2011 fell to 389, the aggressiveness of the attacks was rising. In 2010, 466 were reported. Those acts include everything from violence to vandalism.

Several French and European Jewish groups spoke out in horror at Monday’s attack. A gun used in the shooting also was fired in attacks against paratroopers of North African and French Caribbean descent last week, fueling speculation that a killer is targeting French minorities, and not only Jews.

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Woman who admitted fixing sham marriages 'on run'

Andzelina Surmaj admitted assisting unlawful immigration
A woman who admitted arranging sham marriages in Lancashire and Manchester has failed to appear in court for sentence.

Andzelina Surmaj, 30, of Bradford, West Yorkshire, recruited "desperate" women she met at the gates of her children's school to marry illegal immigrants.

A "routine check" by the UK Border Agency on one suspicious wedding soon uncovered an "unusual demographic pattern" of weddings in the Accrington area between west Africans marrying eastern Europeans.

They found there were 44 "marriages of doubt" and investigations are ongoing.

Up to now, 18 of those weddings have been investigated and 36 individuals charged with 86 separate offences.


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Rallies held for slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin

Students in Florida are rallying to demand the arrest of a man who shot dead an unarmed black teenager.

George Zimmerman gunned down Trayvon Martin as the 17-year-old was walking through a gated community in an Orlando suburb while visiting relatives.

Martin's parents told reporters on Friday that they want the FBI to take over the case, as they no longer trust the Sanford police.

"I feel betrayed by the Sanford Police Department and there's no way that I can still trust them in investigating this crime," his father, Tracy Martin, said.

Mr Zimmerman's father, Robert Zimmerman, wrote a letter to the Orlando Sentinel denying his son had followed or confronted Martin.

He said his son was a "Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends".

English that's good enough
The mastery of English is not the intimidating ideal any non-native should seek: a smattering will do

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Marina Warner
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 13 March 2012

When I arrived at school in England, my English was strange because I'd learned it from books. I was sent to Coventry after I explained that gold was made of carats. "Carrots," my classmates cried, whooping with glee. "She says gold is made of carrots," they cackled. I was a solemn child, insufferably bookish, and I'd come from a convent school in Brussels, where the lessons were in French, with some in Flemish. I didn't know what "being sent to Coventry" entailed as the phrase didn't figure in Rider Haggard or the Hornblower books, which were my passion. But when I found myself in it, I rapidly learned to speak like a native, to cry out "Vamoose!" and say "No fear", and "Hard cheese", and "super-duper" and a whole huge vocabulary previously unknown.

In contemporary Britain, new forms of exclusion are often introduced or suggested on grounds of fluency. In June 2010, home secretary Theresa May said: "I believe being able to speak English should be a prerequisite for anyone who wants to settle here. The new English requirement for spouses will help promote integration, remove cultural barriers and protect public services."

A language test has been established for British citizenship since 2002 (the same kind of exam exists in the US, while vast cities within cities in Texas and California are dominated by Spanish or Korean or Japanese speakers, many of them flourishing communities).

This demand for proficiency in English has become coupled here with a different anxiety about the country's increasing monolingualism, as native English speakers are less and less eager or able to acquire a second language, and enrollment in foreign language courses is falling.

I feel very strongly that the ideal shouldn't be mastery of another language, because that's an unachievable goal and holding it up as the aim just makes students feel hopeless. Good-enough English, good-enough French, good-enough Arabic is quite enough – to adapt the wise and humane British psychologist DW Winnicott's term, "good-enough mothering". We should emphasise the pleasures of languages, rather than the need for complete competence.

As a child of a woman who didn't speak English to begin with, I believe in the potential enrichment of linguistic handicaps. I want to speak up for multilingual households, for foreign-born mothers – and fathers – for the benefits of different tongues and their speakers, and for the cultures they originate in. I also see value in making the crossing from one language to another without fear or inhibition, and, above all, for not minding making mistakes. Languages matter, but smatterings will do.

言語要件 移民

NYPD: Whose side are you on?
The New York Police Department's discriminatory profiling of Muslim communities affects all Americans.
Last Modified: 19 Mar 2012



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Backpage.com tests ethics of sex for sale
20 March 2012 Last updated at 00:22 GMT Help

US classifieds website Backpage.com has become one of the primary destinations on the internet to buy sex. Hundreds of advertisements are posted each day by both pimps and prostitutes.

With the advent of the internet, prostitution moved off the street and onto the web, presenting a new set of challenges for law enforcement and sex abuse watchdogs.

In the past several years, the newspaper company that owns Backpage, Village Voice Media, has faced a string of protests from activists, as well as lawsuits from victims of sexual exploitation who allege that the site aids and abets the forced prostitution.

Village Voice Media declined to be interviewed for the story. In a statement to the BBC, it said it is acting legally and cooperating with authorities to help prosecute those who misuse the website.


This section contains sexual content, including pictorial nudity and adult language. It is to be accessed only by persons who are 18 years of age or older (and is not considered to be a minor in his/her state of residence) and who live in a community or local jurisdiction where nude pictures and explicit adult materials are not prohibited by law. By accessing this website, you are representing to us that you meet the above qualifications. A false representation may be a criminal offense.


Statement: International Day for the Elimination of Racism

Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 4:19 pm
Press Release: OHCHR

“Leaving prejudice and racism to simmer on the back burner creates a real risk of conflict erupting” - Pillay

Statement by the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Geneva, 20 March 2012

19 March 2012
Samba upset by racism happening "in view of children"

Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala have called on Lokomotiv Moscow to identify the fan who threw a banana at Congo's Christopher Samba on Sunday.
The incident, which Anzhi have described as "idiotic", took place in Moscow as the hosts won 1-0.
"We are assured that representatives of ... Lokomotiv will settle this issue and the guilty will be identified and punished," Anzhi said in a statement.
Samba said he was saddened by the incident happening close to children.

サッカー ロシア

'God told me to do it': Immigrant waiter jailed indefinitely after cutting off his manager's head with a cheese knife
Jonathan Limani admitted to Britain despite being detained for mental health problems twice in Sweden
Less than 30 days before entering the country he had tried to wrestle a gun from a police officer
Limani will be admitted to a secure psychiatric unit. If his mental health improves he will go to jail
PUBLISHED: 18:48 GMT, 19 March 2012 | UPDATED: 23:49 GMT, 19 March 2012


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2117279/The-Oxfordshire-golf-club-Jonathan-Limani-jailed-cutting-manager-Chris-Varians-head.html#ixzz1peDHJVzX

Don't mention the war, 'Dambuster' man is told: Court orders teacher to stop taunting German neighbour
Geoffrey Butler harassed his neighbour by loudly playing the Dambusters theme tune and wartime songs
Row started when he fell out with his neighbour over a 6ft strip of land
UPDATED: 02:14 GMT, 20 March 2012

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2117184/Dont-mention-war-Dambuster-man-told-Court-orders-teacher-stop-taunting-German-neighbour.html#ixzz1peEr0F6V

A teacher who harassed his neighbours by loudly playing the Dambusters theme and wartime Vera Lynn songs has been handed a court order banning him from being nasty to Germans.
Geoffrey Butler subjected Reinhard and Kathryn Wendt – who moved here from Germany in 1999 – to four years of ‘hell’ by playing the music, whistling patriotic tunes and talking loudly about Nazis while pretending to be on his phone in the garden.
The 54-year-old had denied the hate campaign, but was found guilty of racially aggravated harassment by magistrates yesterday. He avoided being sent to jail only after the Wendts pleaded for leniency.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2117184/Dont-mention-war-Dambuster-man-told-Court-orders-teacher-stop-taunting-German-neighbour.html#ixzz1peEjz2Wl









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