Published: Oct. 25, 2011 Updated: 7:08 p.m.
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Woman gets probation for punching worker in hate crime


A woman was sentenced to three years of probation for punching a Hispanic worker in the face and yelling racial slurs at him during what authorities described as an unprovoked hate crime in downtown Huntington Beach.

Thursday 27 October 2011
Residents targeted in hate crimes

Published on Tuesday 25 October 2011 17:16

MORE than a quarter of all hate incidents in Worksop during the past 12 months were against Polish people.

Insp Steve Cartwright (pictured) said there were 55 hate incidents in West Bassetlaw - which include race, disability, sexual orientation and religion - and 29 per cent of those were against Poles.

He said: “They are the group that are targeted most now, followed by Asians and then black Afro-Caribbeans.”

“It’s disappointing that some bigoted individuals in Worksop feel it appropriate to target Polish nationals who have every right to live in our community and who are making a worthwhile contribution to our society.”

“But it’s encouraging that the 16 Polish families who have called us have some confidence in the police and that we will take it seriously and do something about it.”

OCTOBER 26, 2011 · 7:23 AM
Falsely Imprisoned Arab-Canadian Man Says Documents Reveal Racist Views Of Police

Ottawa engineer Abdullah Almalki says new documents show the RCMP’s (The Royal Canadian Mounted Police) assessment of his terrorist threat was both wholly unfounded and clouded by racism.

Almalki, a Carleton University graduate and father of six, spent 22 months in Syrian custody after his arrest on May 3, 2002.

He was arrested by Syrian authorities at the Damascus airport while on a family visit, then questioned based on faulty Canadian intelligence and tortured.

Almalki on Tuesday released explosive new documents obtained under federal Access to Information legislation, which reveal that RCMP investigators had found nothing against him both before and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In an RCMP memo, dated Oct. 4, 2001, an investigator concludes: “O Div. (Ontario Division) task force are presently finding it difficult to establish anything on him other than the fact he is an arab running around.”

Despite that internal finding, the RCMP, in a letter to the Syrian intelligence agency, labelled Almalki “an imminent threat” to Canada’s national security and linked him to al-Qaida.

That letter was issued on the same day, Oct. 4, 2001, that RCMP investigators admitted they had nothing on him.

In an interview Tuesday, Almalki said he was stunned to read the characterization of him as “an arab running around.”

カナダ 腐敗 レイシャルプロファイリング

OCTOBER 26, 2011 · 7:24 AM
Australian Jury Asked To Ignore Racism In Murder Case

A young man accused of murdering an elderly stranger in a drunken attack in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla should not be judged on his alleged racial abuse of the victim, his lawyer says.

James Dean-Willcocks, who was out celebrating his 23rd birthday when he assaulted Magno Alvarado, 67, allegedly said of the victim, “He’s Japanese, he deserves it,” a court has heard.

He also allegedly said: “Yeah, you’d better yell for help,” and “F*** off back to Japan”.

オーストラリア ヘイトクライム 

Who is to blame for sex tourism?
Prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, but thrives in parts of the capital popular with tourists.
Inside Story Last Modified: 09 Oct 2011

Young black men make up four in 10 of youth jail population
Report shows proportion of black and minority ethnic young men in young offender institutions in England and Wales has risen

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Alan Travis, home affairs editor
guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 26 October

UK ポーランド ヘイトクライム

NYPD traded crack for sex
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Published: 24 October, 2011


Narcotics cops showered junkie with crack and forced her to perform sex acts in return: testimony

Monday, October 24th 2011, 4:00 AM

NYPD narcs showered a junkie with crack and forced her to perform sex acts in return, she testified in the latest embarrassing revelation to emerge from a police corruption trial.

In one incident, Melanie Perez recalled on the stand last week, a cop called her to his home, made her smoke drugs then pulled down his pants and demanded oral sex.

"What was I going to do?" she testified in Brooklyn Supreme Court. "I did it."

The damning account came during the bench trial of Jason Arbeeny, one of eight undercovers charged in a scandal that rocked the Brooklyn South Narcotics squad.

The trial has already yielded troubling testimony on officers "flaking" - planting drugs on innocent victims - to meet arrest quotas and get overtime pay.

OCTOBER 25, 2011 · 6:38 AM

Texas Man Sentenced For Mosque Arson, Admits To Targeting & Racially Abusing Arabs

アメリカ ヘイトクライム イスラム

STORY posted on OCTOBER 24, 2011 by HILLARY
Foreign Workers Abused in Nova Scotia

In 2004, Nenette moved to Nova Scotia from the Philippines. She paid a placement agency back home about USD $4,500 to find her a job at a nursing home. When she arrived, a room was waiting for her in the home of a Filipino woman who had a relationship with the original agency. The woman charged Nenette $350 per month to share a small bedroom with two other female workers. It was furnished with only a couch and a pillow on the floor. The cost included food. In addition, Nenette paid her hostess 50 cents out of every hour she worked to cover transportation to and from the nursing home. For a full-time worker, this would have cost around $80 per month.

Nenette lived in these conditions for three months before finding her own apartment. She was unaware of her rights. She didn’t know she could refuse a shift. The nursing home had recruited Nanette through the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, which allows employers to fill labour shortages by hiring workers from abroad.

As of June 27, 2010, Nenette said there were other workers from Taiwan and the Philippines who are still living in the same conditions she was.

Abuses triggered reforms to TFW program

Their stories aren’t isolated. For years, workers in Nova Scotia have been abused and exploited under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, according to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada documents obtained through an expansive freedom of information request by Justin Ling for the Halifax Media Co-op.

Original names and locations in the documents were blacked out due to concerns of privacy; Nenette is not her real name, and it’s not possible to tell exactly where in the province she was working.

Most of the documents are responses to a 2010 consultation on Temporary Foreign Workers carried out by the province’s director of Labour Standards, Bill Grant, for the Labour Standards Division of the provincial government. They identify the following problems:
Migrant workers in the construction, farming and domestic sectors are most often exploited under the TFW program.
Recruiters abroad and in Canada are charging workers thousands of dollars to find jobs in Nova Scotia. These fees sometimes don’t include airfare.
Once they arrive, employers pay workers lower wages than promised, and force them to work long hours, sometimes with no overtime pay.
Workers often aren’t aware of their rights, and some employers abuse this fact.

Cohen says it’s common for employers to take advantage of migrant workers’ silence and lack of knowledge about their rights. The responses from the consultation largely agree with him.

“In Canada, we don’t think Canadians do this, and we’re doing it in fairly significant numbers,” he said. “We’re just taking advantage of people who can ill-afford to be taken advantage of, for our own personal gain. And it’s really ugly.”

カナダ サワーストロベリー 搾取

America Is a Fascist State Because It Is Racist
Monday 24 October 2011

by: Mike Pirsch, Black Agenda Report | Op-Ed

歴史問題 アメリカ

East Turkestan: Ethnically Charged Violence Against Uyghur Students at Xinjiang School

A group of Han Chinese students initiated an armed assult on unprovoked Uyghur students whilst they studied inside a classroom.

Below is an article published by Radio Free Asia

Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang confirmed clashes between Han Chinese and Muslim Uyghur high-schoolers in Karamay city last Friday, but denied any ethnic conflict, saying it is "normal" for teenagers to fight.

Uyghur students, parents, and teachers gathered in protest at the Karamay No. 2 High School after a group of Han Chinese students burst into a classroom armed with sticks and attacked some Uyghur students, an exile Uyghur group said this week.

中国 いじめ マイノリティー


AASO DVD PR Video We Are All Stars -アメラジアンスクールの挑戦

Posted on Sun, Oct. 23, 2011
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Council Grove residents are shocked by possible hate crime
Eagle Topeka bureau

COUNCIL GROVE — Kenneth McClintock, a former municipal judge who now researches this town's complicated past, cringed when he heard someone doused a man with rubbing alcohol and set him on fire a couple weeks ago.

"That was even before we knew who the victim was," he said.

When word broke that it was Sterling Law, one of only a few black residents in this mostly white town of 2,200, and that the assailant had shouted racial slurs while terrorizing Law, it only got worse.


Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011 9 Comments
Parents: Hispanic kids being bullied in law's wake
By JAY REEVES - Associated Press

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- It was just another schoolyard basketball game until a group of Hispanic seventh-graders defeated a group of boys from Alabama.
The reaction was immediate, according to the Mexican mother of one of the winners, and rooted in the state's new law on illegal immigration.
"They told them, 'You shouldn't be winning. You should go back to Mexico,'" said the woman, who spoke through a translator last week and didn't want her name used. She and her son are in the country illegally.


Teen murder suspect carried 'backpack of hatred'
By Scott Bronstein and Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigations Unit
October 24, 2011

いじめ ヘイトクライム

Brandon, Mississippi (CNN) -- To get to Brandon, you have to drive across the Pearl River, a boundary that seems to separate black Mississippi from white.
In the town's center, a monument stands honoring the confederate soldiers who fought in the Civil War.
This mostly white town in mostly white Rankin County is about a 30-minute drive from Jackson, Mississippi. It's here in Brandon that some residents say a gang of teenagers expressed their strong racial prejudice -- sometimes through violence.
These residents say the teens were friends with and often led by Deryl Dedmon, now 19 and facing capital murder and hate crime charges for the killing of James Anderson, a black man, who died after he was beaten and run over by a truck in Jackson, according to police. Dedmon has pleaded not guilty and his attorney has refused to answer CNN's repeated requests for comment.
Another teen, John Aaron Rice, was charged with simple assault. He has not entered a plea. The other five teens who were there have not been arrested or charged, though officials say they may still be indicted .

OCTOBER 24, 2011 · 2:34 PM
Canada Accused Of Failing Aboriginal Children

Canada is discriminating against its indigenous children and failing to meet its commitments under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a group of advocates said Monday.

The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada and Kairos, a faith-based organization, are appealing to the UN to hold the federal government accountable for its treatment of First Nations children.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child does periodic reviews of reports that countries must submit on how they are implementing the convention, which Canada ratified in 1991.

The federal government’s most recent report on how it’s meeting the convention was submitted in 2009, and will be reviewed in the coming months by the UN body.

The two groups on Parliament Hill on Monday have done their own report, highlighting what they say is discriminatory treatment of indigenous children.

Their report, Honouring the Children, says First Nations children on reserves receive less money for health, welfare services and education and it calls on the UN committee to do a special investigation on Canada’s compliance with the convention. It also makes a dozen other recommendation

カナダ 先住民

OCTOBER 24, 2011 · 2:35 PM
UK Chef Fears For His Life As Race Attacks Rise

A chef fears being killed in a racist attack amid a rise in hate crimes in Weymouth and Port-land.

HumaYan Kobir was born in Bangladesh but has lived in Weymouth for 10 years and though he has always suffered verbal abuse he now fears for his safety after two assaults.

“Racist abuse is shouted all the time,” he said.

“When someone walks past and says something racist I have nothing to say and that’s what we get most of the time.

“But now it’s different because I’m getting physically attacked.

“If someone kicks and punches me is he going to try and kill me?

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Figures given to the Echo by Dorset Police show that hate crime has gone up by 61 per cent in Weymouth and Portland.

During the six months from April to September last year there were 18 offences but in the same period this year there were 29.

Mr Kobir moved to England more than 15 years ago and is classed as British Bangladeshi with a British passport.

The dad of three was walking home from work to Park Street across Westham Bridge earlier this month when he was approached by two men and a woman and was attacked.

He said: “One of the men said ‘what are you looking at’ and swore as he called me a racist name so I said ‘what did you say?’ “His mate did say sorry and that he had been drinking so I said he should take him home to relax.

“But he got more aggressive and came up to me and kicked me. I tried to put my hand out to stop it and I injured my shoulder so my doctor is sending me for an X-ray.”

Mr Kobir, 41, called 999 and said he was asked to come into the police station to help officers identify the man involved.

But he said it was dark and he was scared so he tried to get away.

Mr Kobir was also not confident he could pick them out.

A police spokesman confirmed Mr Kobir called them just before midnight on October 10.

The incident is still technically under investigation but Mr Kobir believes that without more information or an independent witness it will not go any further.

Mr Kobir said he is upset at being targeted as he loves living in Weymouth.

He said: “It’s such a shame because most people here are so nice and I have lots of friends.

“It’s just a few people.”


NJ GOP candidate says women "should act like whores"
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Published: 21 October, 2011

Phil Mitsch, New Jersey State Senate Candidate, Apologizes After Defending Sex Tip Tweet
First Posted: 10/21/11 11:03 AM ET Updated: 10/21/11 11:03 AM ET


Sex slaves
There are an estimated 1.4 million sex slaves in the world today and international trafficking is on the rise.
Slavery: A 21st Century Evil Last Modified: 18 Oct 2011

慰安婦 娼婦 売春



Florida Softball's Hannah Rogers Is About to Learn Why Blackface Is A Bad Idea
by Andy Hutchins on Oct 22, 2011 12:33 AM EDT in Florida Softball


OCTOBER 22, 2011 · 10:08 AM
Seattle Property Owners Victimized Black Renters, City Charges


A New Approach to Immigration: It's Time to Stop Blaming Immigrants
Posted: 10/21/11

As we witness the widespread vilification of immigrants in the U.S. and the anti-immigrant policies that it has inspired, we turn a blind eye to the role that U.S. policy has had on uprooting millions of Mexicans and Central Americans from their homeland, where almost 80 percent of undocumented immigrants come from. A key component missing in the immigration debate is a focus on the root causes of the problem. In "Disposable Workers: Immigration after NAFTA and the Nation's Addiction to Cheap Labor," I call attention to the root causes of immigration: international economic policies that have triggered a massive displacement of workers and the U.S.'s addiction to cheap labor.

移民問題 移民差別

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Libya urged to examine Muammar Gaddafi's death

Libya's authorities have come under pressure to give a full account of the death of ex-leader Col Muammar Gaddafi.

The US said they should do it in an "open and transparent manner". The UN called for a full investigation, after video footage showed Col Gaddafi captured alive - and then dead.

UN calls for probe into Gaddafi's death
Special Rapporteur warns the manner of the deposed Libyan leader's killing could be a war crime.
Last Modified: 22 Oct 2011

U.S. and U.N. Demand Details From Libyan Leaders on How Qaddafi Died
Published: October 21, 2011

The United Nations and two leading human rights groups called for a thorough investigation into precisely how Colonel Qaddafi, who was seen on the Internet in cellphone videos bleeding and heaving as he was manhandled by screaming fighters, wound up dead with what appeared to be bullet wounds to the head.


The World from Berlin

The left-leaning Berliner Zeitung writes

"Of course, regrets will also be expressed. Many wanted to bring him to trial, either at the International Criminal Court or before a Libyan court. They would also have liked to see those who helped him throughout the years in court too. That included both his Libyan supporters, but also those in Europe and the United States. The relationships in recent years had become increasingly intimate and the criticism of his ruling style ever quieter. Certainly some interesting things about European politics would have come to light. It is too bad this can't happen, but there is also a positive side: An imprisoned Gadhafi would certainly not have missed a single opportunity to create further unrest and confusion."

The conservative daily Die Welt writes:

"Almost instinctively one understands that the world is a better place without the Saddam Husseins, Osama bin Ladens, and Moammar Gadhafis. And still one wishes that Gadhafi, like Saddam, had been forced to answer in court for his many crimes. Either in Libya itself or in front of the International Court of Justice in the Hague."

"(After the Lockerbie bombing), the West turned on Gadhafi and isolated him. That ended in the new millennium, when Gadhafi took responsibility for Lockerbie and apologized to the victims, and because he came to an agreement with the US and Great Britain to bring an end to his program for developing chemical and nuclear weapons. This agreement paved the way for the normalization of Libya's relations with the rest for the world, and for a disgusting competition among Western countries for Libya's resources."

Part 2: Western Hypocrisy

The leftist Die Tageszeitung writes:

"The idea that Libya has been 'liberated' because the West has unflinchingly pushed for adherence to human rights is absolute nonsense."

"The (West) first took an interest in the hurdles facing democratization in Egypt when they started to effect Christians in that country. Earlier, politicians really didn't care that the country was still in a state of crisis, that civilians were being tried in military courts and that the military still has a hold on power. Furthermore, before the so-called 'Arab Spring,' many had decided that Arabs, because of their culture and mentality, weren't ready for democracy."

"It won't take long before Western politicians begin ... saying the same thing about Libya if it suits them. Those trying to build a democracy would be well advised not to rely on the West's solidarity. This applies globally."