Muslims face negative perception in Canada, study suggests



“Most of these perceptions are built around images that people see globally,” said Jedwab.

The similar findings in other Western nations “suggests this isn’t a Canadian-specific issue . . . I’m not saying we shouldn’t have programs” and policies in Canada to improve general perceptions of Muslims, “but the impact of those programs is limited if we don’t have global cooperation.”



The cost of 'saving face'

This is such a sad incident. I don't doubt the family's position at all. With such injustices regularly occurring in Japan, sometimes I feel if I was to die of murder while travelling to Japan, I would not receive the justice I deserve. This is sad, scary and unfortunate.

The problems with Asians is their pride, and so-called "saving face." I suspect such practices as covering up murders as "accidents" are more widespread than is reported because the police are, for lack of kinder words, incompetent. Or rather, they fear being seen as such. To save face, I do not doubt that many officers in a country like Japan, where "face" is important, would feel a need to cover up murders.

Edmonton, Alberta

こういうくだらない妄想的偏見にみちた感想がでるような記事をJapan Times はずっと垂れ流しているわけですね。

Is Britain becoming a country of Johannesburg-style ghettos ?
Last updated at 12:43 PM on 18th October 2011



I’m not saying that life here is a proverbial bed of roses and that the UK is devoid of racism - far from - but, in all honesty, compared to other notoriously racist countries in Europe, like France or Germany, and the level of nefarious racial inequality which still exists in countries like the USA and South Africa, we undeniably have a lot to be proud of.




Czech Republic: Vice-mayor confirms charges filed against ethnic Czechs
Ústí nad Labem, 18.10.2011

The Vice-Mayor of the Neštěmice quarter of Ústí nad Labem, Lenka Jaremová, has confirmed previous reporting by news server Romea.cz that a nighttime attack committed by Romani people against two ethnic Czechs was preceded by those same ethnic Czechs attacking other Romani people earlier in the afternoon. A Romani grandfather and his grandson filed criminal charges over the incident.
News server Romea.cz has interviewed a woman who witnessed the start of the entire incident. "I was hanging my laundry out on the balcony that evening and I saw a Romani woman, her husband and her son running down the street. They were being chased by a man waving a knife and yelling at them, 'I'll kill you, you black swine, you black mugs, you'll die here!' The Roma were yelling for help. As they fled towards my building, the lady fell. Her husband ran back for her. Their attacker was waving his knife in her face as she was lying on the ground. Her husband pushed him away and they managed to get inside to hide," the witness told us.

News server Romea.cz has the name of the witness, who does not want to be identified because she fears for her life. "I stopped paying attention, and then about three minutes later I saw a crowd of people in front of the building," the witness told us. A brawl then took place between the knife-wielding assailant and other Romani people who had come to the aid of the attacked family.

"I was in shock when I saw the TV Nova report and upset by how they described the entire incident. They turned it against the Roma, but that's not how it was," the witness said of the media reports, which in her opinion have exaggerated the incident and described it completely one-sidedly.

When the witness contacted TV Nova regarding their report, she says an editor told her local Romani residents had not wanted to say anything about the incident. "They are all afraid, he [the attacker] lives around the corner. It's just not possible for some crazy guy with a knife and a machete in his belt to wander around the housing estate here. Everyone knows him," the witness said of the knife-wielding man who had hurled racial abuse at the couple. "There are children living among us here, the television is exaggerating it, they listen to one version only, that just can't be. Many people saw what happened, but they are afraid to testify. We can't just sit on our hands," the emotionally distraught witness told news server Romea.cz.



One third of Russians negative about migrants
October 17, 2011 - 11:09 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net - One third of Russian citizens have negative perceptions of migrants from abroad and regions of Russia.
According to The Moscow News, the data was collected by Moscow City Government as result of a secret survey. Other data from the survey are not made public.
According to 2010 survey, migration issues worry Russians more than unemployment, poor ecology or corruption. 17% respondents said that the problem of migrant streams from CIS countries is critical. At the beginning of 2011, 11% of Muscovites said that Sergey Sobyanin should first of all solve the problem of immigration from Central Asia. This was the second most popular demand after Moscow traffic jams problem solution.
Mr. Verekhovsky, director of SOVA Center for Information and Analysis on Racism and Xenophobia told The Moscow News that the collected data reflect Russians general attitude. He noted that 35% of Russians treat immigrants negatively while in 2009 Alla Gerber, member of Russian Social Chamber, insisted that 90% Russians have negative opinion of immigrants



 にもかかかわらず、その曖昧な地理的概念である、西洋、東洋 概念をもとに、西洋はこうだ、東洋はこうだ、アジアはこうだ、とやる記事や意見が多いが、どうも私にはしっくりこない。”白人”はこうだ、”黒人”はこうだ、というのと同じ程度の乱暴な議論にしか聞こえない。

OCTOBER 17, 2011 · 2:49 PM
NYPD Cop Taped Making Racial Slurs About Black Man; Accused Of False Arrest

I fried another n—–.”

That’s how racist NYPD cop Michael Daragjati described falsely charging a black man with resisting arrest on Staten Island, authorities said Monday.

Another n—– fried, no big deal,” crowed Daragjati, according to a transcript of a phone conversation intercepted by the feds.

Daragjati, who is white, is charged with violating the unnamed man’s civil rights by fabricating the charges because he mouthed off about being stopped and frisked by the cop last April.

The incident is believed to be racially-motivated because Daragjati used the n-word repeatedly in the monitored phone calls.

The complaint, unsealed in Brooklyn Federal Court, does not specify who was the target of the monitoring.

Daragjati, 32, was assisgned to plainclothes anti-crime patrol when he stopped the man on Targee St. and rougly frisked him, the complaint states.

When the man complained about his treatment and asked for the cop’s name and badge number, he was allowed to walk away. But after he shouted insults back at the officer, Daragjati crossed the street and cuffed him.

Daragjati swore out a complaint in Staten Island Criminal Court falsely claiming the man had pushed and kicked him and “flail his arms” to prevent being arrested.

Several other officers had witnessed the arrest in which the man offered no resistence. The victim pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct on the advice of his lawyer.



Sadly, Jimmy Mubenga's death has not changed deportation practices
On the anniversary of Mubenga's death in deportation, we call on the government to end these needless abuses

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Emma Ginn
guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 12 October 2011

Medical Justice will join the family of Jimmy Mubenga and others at a vigil on Friday at noon outside the Crown Prosecution Service to mark a year since his death during a deportation attempt.

Independent doctors volunteering with Medical Justice regularly visit immigration detainees who have sustained injuries during attempts to deport them.

In 2008 we published our report, Outsourcing Abuse, on nearly 300 allegations of assault during deportation. Injuries included a punctured lung, a dislocated knee and a broken finger, 42 deportees complaining of having their breathing restricted and some suffering neck injuries from having their head pushed forward between their knees.

We warned that abuses we had seen would happen again. They did. In October 2010, Mubenga died in front of British Airways crew and passengers after being restrained by G4S guards contracted by the British government during an attempt to deport him to Angola. Witnesses say that Mubenga complained repeatedly that he could not breathe.

Police are still investigating the case and considering whether to charge the three guards involved in relation to Mubenga's death. The guards were recently bailed until December.


OCTOBER 17, 2011 · 2:45 PM
Parents Slam Swiss School Over Racist Game

The parents of children who attend a primary school in Valais in southern Switzerland have complained over the use of a game entitled “Who’s afraid of the black man?”, a hide-and-seek game they argue is “racist”.

Hedi Putallaz, the parent of a pupil at a primary school in Monthey first became aware of the game, used by teachers in a gymnastics class, back in 2010.

He complained to the head of the school, who instructed the teachers to suggest that the game should instead be called “The wolf in sheep’s clothing”, according to a report in the La Tribune de Genève daily.

But in a recent class, one of Putallaz’s son’s teachers again suggested playing the game entitled “Who’s afraid of the black man?”

According to the head of the school, the staff member concerned was an external coordinator, so he was not aware of the directive.

This was however the final straw for Putallaz and his wife, who is of afro-American origin. Now the couple want the educational authorities in Valais to issue an “official directive” to change the name of the game in all the schools in the canton, where it is still widely used.

“The Valais should not be considered the Mississipi of Switzerland,” say the parents in their request to the cantonal authorities because they consider the game to be a throwback to a racist past many blacks had to overcome.

“If the game was called ‘Are you afraid of the Jew’or ‘of the homosexual’, how would people react?” Putallaz said.

Jean-François Lovey, chief of the Department of Education of Valais, is yet to review, but he told La Tribune de Genève that he does not see the situation in the same way: “Honestly, it is a harmless game,” he said.
鬼ごっこと同様な遊びで、”黒人”ごっご みたいなのがあるそうで、「”黒人”怖い?」みたいな感じで、隠れんぼする遊びがあるそうで、これがもし、「ユダヤ人怖い?」となれば、大問題になるだろうのと同様に、これも問題であろう、と。

Police quiz pupils after boy injured in ‘race attack’ outside Bramhall High school
Exclusive by Yakub Qureshi
October 17, 2011

Police are investigating after a 12-year-old boy was knocked unconscious outside his school.

Umar Xsayf-Allah, a student at Bramhall High, was set upon by a group of pupils outside the school gates.

His father Nasir says the attackers hurled racist abuse at his boy while raining down punches and kicks.

Umar, who lost consciousness for around a minute, suffered a swollen eye and was treated in hospital for concussion.

Now police officers are quizzing pupils about the attack, at a bus stop outside the Seal Road school.

It is the second time this year police have been called to probe an alleged race incident involving pupils.

In the latest incident, a group of around ten pupils attacked Umar and his brothers Alee, 13, and 11-year-old Ibraheem, who also suffered cuts and bruises.

Nasir, who works as an investment trader, said: "There was a large group of older lads.

"They took turns at kicking him when he was on the ground. When they were beating him they were shouting racist things."

Nasir, 40, from Bramhall, Stockport, says he complained to the school previously about racist language going unchallenged by teachers. The three brothers were kept out of school by their father. Although they have now returned to lessons, he says he is still unhappy with the school’s response.


OCTOBER 18, 2011 · 7:17 AM
Burning Of Black Council Grove Man Sent To U.S. Attorney

The case of a 54-year-old black man from Council Grove who suffered burns when white intruders ignited him after pouring rubbing alcohol on him has been sent to federal prosecutors to be investigated as a possible “hate crime.”


School bans Thanksgiving and Columbus Day holidays because they are 'insensitive' to Native Americans
Last updated at 12:16 AM on 16th October 2011

Somerville principal: Fall holidays are insensitive
Updated: Friday, 14 Oct 2011, 7:36 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 14 Oct 2011, 5:33 PM EDT



Osprey: a widowmaker?
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Published: 18 October, 2011,

Despite a series of deadly crashes and reoccurring reports that it was not safe, an investigation into the controversial Osprey helicopter/plane hybrid was ended by the military so that they could pursue further operations with the aircraft.
All of this was largely made possible thanks to big corporate lobbying.

In his report filed last year, Harvel insisted that engine problems were to blame for an April 9, 2010 Osprey crash in Afghanistan which killed four American military men. Lt. Gen. Kurt Cichowski, Harvel’s superior, attacked a dissent with his report, however, arguing that the fatal crash was caused by pilot error.