Half of recent grads can’t get full-time work, stay shows
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Published: 23 April, 2012

1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed
By HOPE YEN, Associated Press


Rape victim of Wales footballer Ched Evans 'named on Twitter' as Sheffield United launch probe into comments made by fellow player
Identity of victim, 19, 'discussed online by Twitter users'
Club launches investigation into team-mate Connor Brown, who called victim a 'money-grabbing little tramp' on Twitter
Rape charities call for anonymity laws to be toughened up against new technologies
PUBLISHED: 08:12 GMT, 23 April 2012 | UPDATED: 13:56 GMT, 23 April 2012

The suspension follows a storm that erupted as the victim was named on the social networking website. Police promised a ‘robust’ investigation after the girl was identified and abused on the internet within hours of Wales international Evans being found guilty of the attack. Her name was being circulated so widely that it is understood to have been one of the top ‘trending’, or most used, words on the Twitter site over the weekend. The victim was last night said by her family to have been ‘traumatised’ by the loss of her anonymity and the Attorney General has warned that those who published her name could face prosecution.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2133792/Ched-Evans-rape-victim-named-abused-Twitter-girlfriend-stands-Wales-footballer.html#ixzz1szc8PtcC 有道ブログ レイプ被害者 実名

客員論説委員・岩崎慶市 郵政改革は一から仕切り直せ

飼い主を待ちわびて 福島の被災ペットたち

歴史問題 隠蔽




福島の空間放射線量予測 10年後も「帰還困難」 3町に50ミリシーベルト以上地域

渋谷で脱原発求めるパレード 1千人が参加

原発再稼働問題 自民党は傍観すべきではない(4月23日付・読売社説)







(2012年4月23日00時02分 読売新聞)

「奇跡なのかな」 漂着バレーボールの持ち主喜び語る
2012.4.23 23:31



Caught on tape: Chilling new video of US border patrol beating immigrant to death
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Published: 21 April, 2012,

Justice for Anastasio Hernandez Rojas!!

Police Brutality

Why Arab women still 'have no voice'
Amal al-Malki, a Qatari author, says the Arab Spring has failed women in their struggle for equality.
Talk to Al Jazeera Last Modified: 21 Apr 2012

When women lead the world
Would the world be more peaceful if women were in charge? A new book by Steven Pinker says that the answer is "yes".
Last Modified: 17 Feb 2012

Skeptics immediately reply that women have not made war simply because they have rarely been in power. If they were empowered as leaders, the conditions of an anarchic world would force them to make the same bellicose decisions that men do. Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi were powerful women; all of them led their countries to war.

But it is also true that these women rose to leadership by playing according to the political rules of "a man's world". It was their success in conforming to male values that enabled their rise to leadership in the first place. In a world in which women held a proportionate share (one-half) of leadership positions, they might behave differently in power.

So we are left with the broader question: does gender really matter in leadership? In terms of stereotypes, various psychological studies show that men gravitate to the hard power of command, while women are collaborative and intuitively understand the soft power of attraction and persuasion. Americans tend to describe leadership with tough male stereotypes, but recent leadership studies show increased success for what was once considered a "feminine style".

たんに、ソフトパワーが重要だ、といえばいいのであって、男ーハードパワー vs 女 ソフトパワーという枠組み自体がそろそろ有害無益になってきているのではないか?

米国 マッチョ フェミ

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This would turn a mild recession into a deep one, an outcome which would very quickly restore the power of the eurozone to shock risk appetite across the global financial markets.

Why English pride in the Cross of St George is no longer flying high
More English people feel pride and patriotism towards Union Flag
Scots and Welsh put their national flags above the Union Jack
Politicians and EDL blame for lack of English patriotism
PUBLISHED: 08:53 GMT, 22 April 2012 | UPDATED: 11:44 GMT, 22 April 2012

The English have more pride in the Union Flag than the Cross of St George, a new report has revealed.
A poll by the British Future think tank shows only 61 per cent of English feel pride and patriotism towards their national flag, while 80 per cent have such feelings towards the British one.
It is in stark contrast to the Scottish, 84 per cent of whom feel pride in the St Andrew's Cross, and the 86 per cent of Welsh who are passionate about the Red Dragon.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2133422/English-pride-Cross-St-George-half-mast.html#ixzz1so2Nch8Y

The way to a woman's heart? An old-fashioned compliment is better than sex, shopping or chocolate
PUBLISHED: 16:54 GMT, 22 April 2012

The research, commissioned by Appletiser to mark the launch of its 'Sparkle on' campaign, found it's actually the simpler things in life that make women feel happier.
Nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) said that nice weather puts them in a sunny mood, and more than a third said that a compliment (41 per cent) or a nice text message (35 per cent) lifts their mood.
The one stereotype that does ring true, according to the poll, is women's dedication to ensuring they look good.


The World from Berlin
'The Asian Arms Race Is Starting to Look Ominous'

Süddeutsche Zeitung

The old bi-polarity is being increasingly replaced by multiple poles of power, and the Asian powers are increasingly underlining their ambitions with missiles and a greater focus on military might. An end to the arms race is not in sight. Even if the US wanted to, its influence in Asia would no longer be enough to slow this development."

Die Welt

"All of the Asian powers are playing their own game. ... Unlike the Cold War, this is a multi-polar system, where arms controls and trust-building measures are foreign words. It is an Asian power system unlike any ever seen before -- an open-ended one. And, incidentally, one without any kind of participation from the Europeans.

Die Tageszeitung

"India isn't joining an arms race. It is arming itself but slowly. Its military budget is at most a quarter of China's. It is as far behind China as China is behind the USA. That's why nobody in Delhi wanted to celebrate the rocket test as a challenge to Beijing's power. Rather, the test resulted in a naïve outbreak of patriotic pride: Finally, the country sees itself as belonging to the club of nuclear powers."

Yomiuri: J population falls record 259,000 in 2011 (as does NJ pop.); Keidanren think tank sees ROK surpassing J GDP by 2030

Posted by debito on April 21st, 2012

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GDP per Capita Growth, 1 Yr (%) - Japan Compared to Continent

Economy of Japan
From Wikipedia

January 4, 2011 8:55 pm
In the grip of a great convergence
By Martin Wolf



Iran says it's recovered data from captured U.S. spy drone
By the CNN Wire Staff
April 22, 2012 -

仏大統領選 欧州危機の行方を占う決戦へ(4月24日付・読売社説)

Europe frets over strong le Pen performance
Published: 23 Apr 2012

'I used a spy camera to catch a care home thug beating up my mother': How a daughter's suspicions lead to her uncovering harrowing abuse
PUBLISHED: 22:50 GMT, 22 April 201


Pals until the end: Heartbreaking pictures of the male dog who refused to leave female companion's side after she was killed by a car

They were thought to be long-term partners and had always been seen together, according to another resident in Fujian Province.
One unnamed resident in Quanzhou said: 'They are together all the time.
'Usually it's the wife that runs out first followed by the husband.
'It was horrible and unpleasant to see that the dog didn't make it, and touching that her partner didn't seem to want to leave her behind.'

クミコ 我が麗しき恋物語